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Thread: Canada Day

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    Canada Day

    How many of you are gonna be celebrating this Canada Day by leaving our fair land for a hunting expedition down in the states. I'm on my way to the small border town of Calais ME for to search for SW stuff. Now that I collect legos I just might find something. I'll post my results when I get back in a few hours.
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    buckle up. no really, buckle up.
    good luck on your hunting expedition, here's hoping there's a nice big at-at set straped to the grille of your car for the trek home.

    I'm having some friends over to chill by the fire in the backyard tonight so I'll be spending the day pretty-ing up the place.

    how's everybody else celebrating?
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    I'm celebrating by working Should be lots of fun.

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    I got back about an hour ago. Not much at all for SW stuff, no new lego did I get. They did have the Zuckuss wave of 12 inchers though. I already got Zuckuss and Dengar on-line a while back, but today I picked up the Imperial officer from that wave so it wasn't a wasted trip. Walmart had TONS of the MOTU video figures, including TEELA< ORKO and Mekaneck. I already bought Teela and orko on-line, and got Mekanek at Walmart here in Saint John before Christmas so I left them all there but it sure did look good to see them on the pegs. They also had the Battle Tank and Battle Ram Chariot as well as 2 Panthors. I recommend any Saint John area MOTU collector to take the hour long drive down. IT WILL BE WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE. I gotta work real early tomorrow morning so no drinkin' for me tonite. Unless............
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    There was no huntin hereabouts...
    went uptown to the Celebration, couple dozen people in market square, then came back and drank some frosties watching the Trailer Park marathon, true Canadian style...
    Sethquinn, how'd yer "do" turn out? Are there lots of squitoes in Gtown?? There are a surprising number here, got bit a few times yesterday.. beautiful weather for Canada Day, anyways, hope everyone had at LEAST that to enjoy yesterday!!!
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    I too had to work on the holiday - too bad. The weather was on and off here, with a few showers throughout the day. Not bad for cold. The downtown area/waterfront seemed pretty full, good natured folks out for a nice day. Too many family fight calls to deal with though, abuse of alcohol is a shame.

    Im hoping to crack a couple on my next set of days off, better late than never!

    Aside, I finally took the trek to Victoria, quite a nice place with 2 cool comic shops nearly side by side downtown. I saw Ephant Mon on card at one of these places for a mere 35 smackeroos - ouch. At least he was there.... no other SW stuff to speak of. The TRU in Vic had one thing for me, a cool series I Marvel Legends Hulk figure that I hadn't been able to find for myself. I looked for LOTR too, but there was nothing there I didn't have already. Nice trip though.


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