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    Angry SFX Reader Awards

    In the SFX Reader Awards, AOTC won (or lost ) Worst Film , and George Lucas won The Minority Report Award For The Person Who Should Be Stopped From Comitting Future Crimes!

    Orlando Bloom won the award of Who Would You Use As The Basis For Your Clone Army.

    Why do all Award Organisations hate Star Wars so much? Ok AOTC was nothing compared to the OT, but I still feel it deserves a lot more respect than it does .

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    I know what you mean it seems to be the 'cool' thing to hate the prequels yet love the OT. I mean TPM and AOTC received more than their fair share of criticism from just about every journalist but the same journalists pronounce films like the Matrix Reloaded to be one of the best ever. People always seem to focus on the bad aspects of them such as Jar Jar or certain dialogue.

    I've never really liked SFX that much always thought they were far too obsessed with whats being seen as cool rather than what is actually good and bad.

    If you read Empire though TPM won the award for greatest ever trailer and all the Star Wars Films feature highly in any awards. They both got four out of five stars for their reviews and TPM manages to make it into the essential Blockbusters list on their website.

    I'm with you Pendo the prequels demand a lot more respect and are far better than many other films that we have suffered.

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    It's just too cool to hate the current big thing. Give it a couple years and I'm sure there will be a lot less nay-sayers. A lot of the haters blame in on GL's inability to produce a movie based on their expectations. "It should have been this.... or done this.... or looked like this...." I find myself a lot happier having avoid anything remotely like a spoiler. With no preconceptions I wasn't necessarily disappointed. I mean why is it that so many fanboys can love the early released script to only blast the movie? The CGI was fake? Looking back on the OT, those FX suck compared to the average movie today. It doesn't deminish those movies why should someone noticing that a fake looking Jedi deminish these?
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    I personally find nothing wrong with AOTC except Haydens acting. It was a good movie. Alot of people expected to see another Ot, but unfortunately it didn't happen. IMO the OT is like the Beatles, you will never see anything like it again. Stop prequel hating and accept the fact that it isn't the OT.
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    So how long will it take for me to stop thinking ROTJ is crappy then?
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    AOTC is my all time favorite DVD so from my perspective, the laugh is on SFX!
    It's my favorite of the series with the only real sore spot for me being the Threepio romp through the droid factory.


    I hate a lot of movies which others herald as "the greatest" so it's all good to me . . .


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