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    actors i'd like to see in star wars

    well, it kinda sucks that theres only one more star wars cause that probably means that im not gonna see either of these guys in it.
    episode III needs to have max von sydow and/or david warner
    i dont care who they play, generals, senators, jawas, whatever. just put them in there...they deserve it

    i realize that these arent hip young actors from quentin (i ripped off every 1970's and hong kong action movie) tarrentino or those horrible matrix turds, but more of a return to the Original Trilogy, which had all unkowns and british character actors.. besides Max Von Sydow is a bad MF. think ming the merciless, or king osric from conan the barbarian("what arrongance!! what impudence!! i salute you!!")
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    I couldn't agree more about the disappointment in not seeing great actors in Star Wars. Personally, I'd like to see Estelle Getty who absolutely rocked in "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot". I guess she'll only live on in my dreams.
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    Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harlod Ramss, and Ernie Hudson.
    They can show up as the Droid Busters.
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