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    who buys this stuff

    im seling some stuff on ebay. i was just wondering.

    WHY? why do people buy it?

    i can see the charm of certain things but.

    i even have beat up old junk for sale and someone is sitll willing to pay.

    what exactly do people do with this stuff? strip it for parts?

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    Well I for one wouldnt buy something that looked abused. I buy it for the sheer fact that I like it. It is a part of my childhood, something I kept from then. I enjoy them emensly(SP?) I still have all of my vintage figures and would like to get back all the stuff I lost. It is interesting to me. I just enjoy it alot. It is a hobby. Thats about it
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    The primary I buy old SW stuff is, I want the items I didn't have as a kid. There are a number of figures I wanted as a kid but didn't get. So now as an adult I can get them. As for beat up junk, I wouldn't buy it. But there are a number of people who I have stripe them for parts either to complete an item, resell them or use for customs.
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