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    Who's fan's choice figs are these?

    I was browsing the Ralphie Stormtrooper posting when I saw an opinion that irked my curiosity. An intelligent comment was made by Aikman81999 that said "A concept figure shouldn't have been in the poll to begin with!" Of course I'm talking about the debatable Fan club poll that has now passed it's 4th figure vote. Also on the thread the comment that Hasbro needs to get rid of the Fans choice poll forever. So I thought all of you should put your two cents in, and thanks to tycho's idea with Wave by Wave, I thought all of you would like to vote on who you voted for during the 1st poll, and answer a question or two.

    So first off answer if you voted in the 1st hasbro poll.
    Then let us know who you voted for in the first poll. If you haven't voted in that poll who would you have voted for? The first poll was for:

    Duros - Cantina Bar Alien (SW)
    Teempto Pagalies - Podracer (TPM)
    Eeth Koth - Jedi Master (TPM - ATOC)
    Amanaman - Jabba Palace Alien (ROTJ)
    Bom Vindim - Cantina Bar Alien (SW)

    Finally were you pleased with this POLL. Only cover poll 1 for now. We'll discuss other polls and issues later. And if you were not pleased why, and were you anxious for the next poll?
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    In answer to my own posting I did vote to Hasbro and I voted for Amanaman.

    He's got to be one of my favorite figs of all time. I was satisfied with the results even though my selection didn't win. Bom Vimdim would have been my second choice so the results of the first voting was a surprise for me even though I was pleasantly suprised. Duros was a very nice figure.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    I didnt vote in any poll until the last one. I would have voted for Amanaman or Eeth Koth though. Duros is a good figure. I was actually happy to see Amanaman for choice two though.
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    I didn't vote in the first poll and I would have voted for Amanaman.
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    I also voted for Amanaman in the first poll as he is my favorite jabba character, next to Sy Snootles, but I was not at all unhappy that Ellorrs Madak won, as he would have been my second choice.

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    Although I think Duros is a great figure, I don't remember if I voted for him or didn't vote at all - few of those choices are my style and I wouldn't have actually known Duros would have come off so well.

    I really wanted the Concept Trooper to win, I've wanted a fig of that and other ANH concept figs (Vader, R2, Chewie) for quite a while. I just didn't realize Hasbro was gonna make such a poor representation of the trooper, if I had, I would have suggested others to not vote for it. That's the problem IMO, you can't predict whether Hasbro will muck up a figure they haven't designed yet.
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    In the first, I voted for Amanaman. In the second, I voted for Amanaman. Man, had he lost again, I would have been upset, but in the end, I love the Duros fig and of course Amanaman. (Epahnt Mon is still too good to believe...)

    Stormie Concept is an insult to the poll (the final result, I mean), and you better believe I will let Hasbro know my dissatisfaction come SDCC.

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    one poll at a time please
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    I voted for Bom Vimdim. I liked my vintage Amanaman enough to think he still fitted in with the other newer figures and didn't necessarily need a resculpt. Teemto is cool now we have him but as a fan's choice I wanted something more substantial. Eeth koth was just too boring for me to think of in terms of a Fan's choice figure and so i went for the hard faced cantina patron with a unique look and cool costume. The cantina is full of mercenaries and bounty hunters apparently and I just wanted an out and out thug for my cantina.
    When the Duro won I was a bit miffed. The concept drawings looked good though and the hardcopy pics also looked good but i nearly freaked when we finally got the figure and it was pint sized. What the hell is that tiny thing, Duro are huge like the Neimoidians. In the movie the Duro are tall so what the hell is this midget hasbro gave us? Once I saw that I realised it didn't bode well for any future fan's choice. Duro too small and Ephant too tall Amanaman touted as a deluxe figure, concept stormie crud, vote rigging and all of that. I stand by my earlier assertion that if people are bothering to vote on these choices it proves a market is there for all the choices and therefore Hasbro can make all the figures in a poll and rely on resonable returns from them. The whole fan's choice poll is a mockery.

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    Poll #1 I voted for Bom. The crappy thing is he's the only one from the list that did get made yet. Oh and yes the polls are a mockery


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