I've been re-reading ALL the Star Wars comics and books in chronological order, and Darth Maul Shadow Hunter stands out like a beacon amongst the rest.

I've read it before, but I can't put it down! (last time I read it, or now!)

Michael Reeves did an excellent job with this book. Did I forget if he's written anything else for Star Wars?

If not, he should be hired! Immediately!


Lord Sidious
Darth Maul
Master Anoon Bondara, Twi'Lek Jedi
Padawan Darsha Assant
I-Five, merc droid
Lorn Pavan, con, peddler, survivor, scoundrel
Hath Monchar, Vice Chair, Trade Federation
Mahwi Lihnn, bounty hunter

Darn great characters! - I loved this book!