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    Thumbs up Clonetrooper Blaster Replica

    Hello fellow geeks....
    When I was surfing on ebay I came across some CloneTrooper guns.
    the first is a STAR WARS CLONETROOPER ASSAULT BLASTER RIFFLE It's going for $300.00,Ebay Item # 2181655017

    The Second one is a CLONETROOPER PILOT BLASTER REPLICA And it's going for $200.00 and he has 3, Ebay Item # 2181659892

    Blaster Riffle Pic
    Pilot blaster pic
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    Woah! Those are pretty cool! That guy put a lot of work into making those. I kinda wish that Master Replicas could make a Stormtrooper blaster- but the cost would be through the roof!
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    Not too shabby, although the overall detail's pretty off. You can't really call them replicas though, since there were no actual props they aren't replicating any of the props so it's not really a 'prop-replica'.
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    Then is the Yoda lightsaber not a prop replicas because it was all digital?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrosen
    Then is the Yoda lightsaber not a prop replicas because it was all digital?
    That wouldn't count IMO because the Yoda lightsaber was built physically for an Episode I reference book (Ep I Visual Dictionary) before it was made digitally for Episode II.

    Not that it matters IMO because it's still a replication of something, even if we've only seen it and not been able to touch it. If you can build a replica from a set of blueprints, why not visual images of a digital item?
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