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    Super Battle Droid along with other Ep2 Droids in the Official Site Databank!

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    Other RIC-units have found employ in professional sports, playing in widely broadcast games of nuna-ball.

    What the hell? They run around with live nunas? It was bad enough that Jabba knocks one off during the races, but now they're just sports equipment?

    But thanks for the heads up, Loyal Droid, hopefully this means that you'll get a 12" SBD with built-in arm cannon.
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    great find droid!
    Master Obi-Wan has lost a planet, how embarassing. - the great yoda

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    You're welcome guys.

    It looks like the Cannon arm on the SBD isn't as big as a thought it was, it's bigger on the basic figure, but that must just be so it can hold the missle that it fires.

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    I believe Jabba had dwarf Nunas, and normal ones are much much larger, like the size of a large turkey, bigger than Yoda.

    The entries were ok, but the EU on R4-P17 made me wanna gag. Is Anakin secretly the god of all droids?!?
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