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    Navigator on a Spice Freighter

    "My father never fought in the wars, he was a navigator on a spice freighter."

    I wonder if this line has anything to do with EpIII at all. Was this a complete and total lie that Owen made up to tell Luke or is there any element of truth to it. It's probably nothing, I mean every line in the OT doesn't need explanation in the prequels but it still makes me wonder.....
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    It would be cool to have Anakin working on a spice freighter, possibly as a disguise or something . Good idea Bosskman .

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    I think Owen just made that part up since it sounds like a boring, honest job that anyone could have had...
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    Who knows they may actually try to play that in. I hope they do. There is so much distanceing from the PT to the OT that I can take.
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    How would that distance it? I had always thought that Owen was making that up after we learned Vader was Luke's dad anyhow.
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    Owen probally made it up. Chances are Owen is not well versed in the ways of space travel. I mean, he's a "country bumkin" now isn't he. It's a fun thought, but I doubt it will have any relivance in the next movie.
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    Has there been any confirmation that Owen will be in Episode 3? He really seems to have a low opinion of Obi Wan in ANH and I want know why.
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    We already know why.....he blames Obi Wan for Anakins demise...that much is clear.

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    Good point, but I don't see how Owen can be very close to Anakin. Sure, Anakin borrowed Owen's speeder to go slaughter a bunch of Sandpeople and bring back their mother's body, but other than that, they didn't seem to know each other very well. Besides, Obi Wan and Owen haven't met yet.

    If I were to speculate, Anakin would go back to Tatooine to get away from it all, Obi-Wan would stop by the Lars Residence and drag him back into the battle. Towards the end of the film, Obi-Wan would return to Tatooine with baby Luke and to tell Owen that Anakin is "dead." Ben Kenobi would then wander into the sunset and take up residence just past the Dune Sea.
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    Owen only actually met Anakin once. He certainly didn't know anything about Anakin other than that he was a Jedi and his mother lived with them and later died.

    Obi-Wan obviously told Owen that Luke was Anakin's kid, but to never let Luke know the truth about his father, to keep him safe, to tie him down with the farm.

    Owen obviously was allowed to make up whatever past for Anakin he wanted.


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