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Thread: Spider-Man

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    How about the fantastic "Untold Tales of Spider-Man", drawn by Pat Olliffe in classic Ditko style? That series ran for about 20 issues, and was way at the top of my reading list. They wrote the stories to coincide (and fill in gaps) in the Silver Age spidey continuity, and I loved it. Every issue.

    There was also a short lived "Green Goblin" monthly, about a teenager finding the costume and glider, very interesting reading as well. I jumped on about 1/2 way through, but enjoyed it quite a bit. I'll go back and fill it in some day when I find them in the dollar bin.

    Spider-Man was also a member of the "New Warriors" for about a year there, and the book bore the "Spider-Man" imprint over that period. Nothing memorable.

    Just finishished this month's Amazing, not bad. Nice end to the bridge story. Fiona Avery is off to a good start, and hopefully will be able to continue on with the character focused stories I like to see in Amazing. The other two books can be full of scraps, but Amazing is about Pete.

    Spectacular 2 and 3 ("The Hunger" continued). Very good. I loved Jenkins' description of how it feels to BE Spider-Man during a fight, with the Spidey sense going off. Awesome. This should be a very interesting wrap up, if you can get past the art (which I like, but many don't) give it whirl.

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    There was a supposed-to-be-ongoing series by John Byrne retelling his early years. Most people hated it, but I thought it was pretty decent.
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