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    Hey. Maybe this is past due, but I think there should be a place to chime in about the Wall crawler's monthly exploits. Spidey's now likely my favourite hero - he's the consumate Marvel story: more character than costume. Parker is every geek in history, living the ultimate dream. What makes him great is the fact we can see every issue that he's a person, cursed and blessed with his powers. Maybe the greatest comic story ever told.

    That being said, I just finisished Peter Parker 44-47, which was last years Green Goblin story line by Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos (who happen to have been give the third monthly Spider-Man book starting this summer). It was a great arc, and with any luck these two will be able to do with Venom what they did with Gobby. I'm happy at least one creative team seems interested in dealing with the heavy hitter villains in the classic continuity (ie not including Bagley and Bendis who are doing it every month in Ultimate Spidey).

    Any thoughts on current or classic Spidey books?

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    Whew. It's a darn shame when a thread about Marvel's flagship character doesn't get no love.

    Let me just say I skipped Spec Spidey #1 because I'm not a big fan of Humberto's art. My other reason was getting sucked into the "too many comics every week" syndrome. I draw the line at one Spidey book a month and Amazing is it. (By the way, wouldn't Spec be the 4th monthly? Amazing, PeterParker, Tangled Web, and Spectacular? Or is Tangled Web a limited series? I've never really looked at the number)

    Back to Amazing. A nice quiet issue this month. Peter as a schoolteacher? I need to start buying back issues. I'm ferverently waiting the buildup to ASM 500, Marvel's 2nd 3rd 500th issue. What's the deal with this Ezekiel chap? Another clone? Bitten by a different radioactive spider? I really liked last issue where the janitor looked up and actually saw him on the ceiling. Turning the cliche on its head. That's why I like JSM writing. I really wish he'd use some of Spidey's rogue gallery though.

    Ultimate Spidey. Speaking of clever Spidey writing, Bendis is great. It's too bad the early issues are going for $100 ?!?! So I'm going to follow this one as a TPB series only.
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    Ezekiel was introduced by JMS in the 30's ish issues. He's a pretty interesting character that basically was mysterious, and chaperoned Petey through a tough scrap with a fairly good insect-named-female-villainess-whose-name-I-can't-recall. He told Petey that he's part of a bigger Spider-Mind kind of thing. He has SPider powers of his own. Apparently we'll be getting a little history on him over the next couple of issues. I think actually EP, you may be an issue ahead of me at this point, as I haven't got my new books yet this week.

    Kind of Spidey news, I won a John Romita Jr. signed copy of #30 - the first JMS scripted issue - 9.6 CGC for less than 30 bucks. Im happy with that, I already have another copy but I thought this would make a fair investment issue when I saw it offered on ebay. I'd love to have a Jim Lee signed Bats 608 to go with it, maybe someday.

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    Smile Listen, bud...

    Spidey has the best comic book sound effect ('thwp!' barely beats out Wolverine's 'snkt!' for me), one of the most believable (according to comics standards) origins and characterizations, and usually holds to the wise-cracking sarcasm heroes are known for. When a character's costume is changed, and there's a debate over them, you know that it's iconic (BTW, I really liked both the red-blue and black ones, but black wins by a spider's thread).
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    I only read the Ultimate Spider-Man series, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I just finished the 6th trade pb with the Venom storyline and it was fantastic. I was wondering how they would approach the whole aspect of the Venom suit and this actually seemed plausible. (well, comic book plausible at least :happy: ) I wouldn't be surprised if they used this storyline for the Spider-Man movie with Venom. I've heard it will be the third installment in the series. Who else follows the Ultimate series?
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    I was reading them online at or whatever up to around issue 20. It's fantastic, the only reason I stopped reading was...... I have no idea. You used to be able to download the issues onto your pc and play them on a downloadable player - I did that. Now they're only available via "streaming", which my PC won't handle very well. I'll have to have a look at my player and see which issue I left off at - it's worth catching up on.


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