Hey. Maybe this is past due, but I think there should be a place to chime in about the Wall crawler's monthly exploits. Spidey's now likely my favourite hero - he's the consumate Marvel story: more character than costume. Parker is every geek in history, living the ultimate dream. What makes him great is the fact we can see every issue that he's a person, cursed and blessed with his powers. Maybe the greatest comic story ever told.

That being said, I just finisished Peter Parker 44-47, which was last years Green Goblin story line by Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos (who happen to have been give the third monthly Spider-Man book starting this summer). It was a great arc, and with any luck these two will be able to do with Venom what they did with Gobby. I'm happy at least one creative team seems interested in dealing with the heavy hitter villains in the classic continuity (ie not including Bagley and Bendis who are doing it every month in Ultimate Spidey).

Any thoughts on current or classic Spidey books?