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    Thumbs up Snowtrooper (SAGA)

    This is, by far, the best of the newest wave. The detailing is superior to all previous versions and I think the accessory is one of the largest of this line to date!

    While there is not much in the way of articulation on this figure, what it has is adequate: both shoulders, neck (forward and backward movement), legs and right ankle. The right ankle is articulated so he can be posed firing the e-web.

    The sculpt is spot on and the paint application is accurate and subtle. There is a little bit of tan paint applied to the cloth areas to give it a dirtied appearance. The "butt-cape" is stippled to look like cloth and the "holster" is moulded right into it on the right side.

    The E-web comes in four pieces (the cannon and pivot mount along with three legs). The legs fit very tightly into the mounts. Once you have it together, it is massive. The cannon fires when the Snowtrooper pushes the trigger grips. The grips push the button behind it, launching the projectile which travels a great distance. Very nice job with this Hasblah!!!

    I didn't see the See-Threepio: Tatooine Ambush figure so that hasn't been picked up. Jango... well- we know that one all too well, don't we?

    So... of the three new sculpts (including Vader and Luke) this one is the best. Do NOT pass this one up!

    Grade A+
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    Is the cannon the same one that came with the Deluxe Snowtrooper and Imperial 4-Pack?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue II
    Is the cannon the same one that came with the Deluxe Snowtrooper and Imperial 4-Pack?
    No. It is similar but there is a firing projectile (which is red) on this version. There is no Power box and no hose/cable.
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    I got this at Target yesteday, very cool. However, it seems that the shoulderpads are upside-down. But then again, I don't know, since this is a captain or something like that. I compared the cannon to the one from the 1997 deluxe figure, and only the part that is needed for firing is different. The legs even still have the 1997 datestamp on them. And the hose can plug into its bottom. So even though it's awesome getting a huge accessory in a $5 figure, I feel suckered for buying a less-than-perfect version of the same thing a few years ago for three times as much.
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    Is the "cloth" cape thing at his waist soft or hard plastic?I know the 97 Snowtrooper had hard plastic,which didnt work out too great in my opinion.
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    It's that rubbery material they've been using for some of the capes as of late.
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    I got it last night, overall it's not bad. One cool thing I noticed was that his head seems to be mostly hollow and just glued on. Perfect for those that don't want to deal with a lot of carving for a removeable helmet.

    It really would've been good had it had some better articulation though, such as a joint in the right elbow and on the left wrist so it can at least use two hands on the rifle. The E-Web cannon's a pretty nice display, hard to not like such a large accessory. I like the way they did the firing feature, at first I thought the button was gonna be the backpack since it's usually out a bit in pics (looks like the hole wasn't drilled deep enough) but fortunately he's perfectly clean.

    I hope to get some more of these, as they do look nice standing neutraly or in a "rushing" pose. Just wish it wasn't such a pain to get outta the package.
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    I prefer the POTf2 Snowtrooper because he stands taller and look more menancing.
    The Saga version has great features like a holster and it comes with the tripod canon. But, his pose makes him look short.

    The day before I found the Saga version, I gave an extra POTF2 snowtrooper to my nephew thinking I didn't need it as I could army build with the new version once I found them. But, now that I've opened one up, I prefer to army build with the POTF2 Snowtrooper even though it doesn't have a holster which I think is a great feature, but not good enough to outweigh the pose.

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    Well I love this figure. Much better than the POTF version IMO. The addition of the holster is cool, the mask and chest plate look much more movie accurate, and the clean look makes army building more appealing. My only problems with it is that a few of mine are very loose at the waist and ankle plus they're difficult to pose standing straight up. The head doesn't quite come forward enough and although upright they still squat a bit. Almost perfect by my standards.

    Grade A
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    This figure made me go out and buy extras of the other snowtroopers. I love him.....I just wish that they had snowtrooper uniforms to buy and then I might join the 501st......

    I thought the foot was odd, but it does help him stand to fire....also, I like how both hands are "YOU the MAN!!!!"


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