View Poll Results: Which kind of Screen Scene would you want to see next?

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  • Podracers

    29 6.59%
  • Senators

    35 7.95%
  • Jabba's palace thugs

    77 17.50%
  • Mos Eisley cantina aliens

    62 14.09%
  • Clones (marching, red shirts, etc)

    13 2.95%
  • Ewoks

    45 10.23%
  • Imperial Officers

    47 10.68%
  • Rebel Commanders (Hoth)

    95 21.59%
  • Cloud City inhabitants

    10 2.27%
  • main characters

    8 1.82%
  • Other (please write in below)

    19 4.32%
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    I voted Cantina Aliens. Since they seem to be doing these in twos, we could finish some of the unmade aliens.

    The first one could be: Dannik Jerriko (smoking man), Hrchek Kal Fas (Bossk type alien), Hem Dazon ("T" head)

    The second set: Elis Herlot (ghost face), Feltipern Trevagg (gotal) and M'iiyoom Onith (hummingbird type)

    Here's a link to a site that shows all the aliens scene by scene.

    and Star has good shots of the masks.

    There's still a ton of aliens for them to make after those 6.

    Defel (wolfman red eyes)
    Bom Vimdim the Advozsec
    Brainiac (brain head)
    Trinto Duaba (white face with hood)
    Myo (cyclops)
    Lirin C'arn (Bith)
    Leesub Sirln (bald weird girl waitress)
    Tonnika Sisters (duh)
    Rycar Ryjerd (Flash Gordon midget)
    Sai'torr Kal Fas (Bossk type #2)
    Danz Borin (grey flight suit and helmet with square yellow visor)
    Yerka Mig (boring human with blonde hair)
    Mosep (red jumpsuit, seal/otter type face)
    Swilla Corey (blonde girl)
    Solomahol (fat bat face alien)
    Dice Ibegon (snake thing with Lak Sivrak)
    Merc Sunlet (another boring human)
    Garouf Lafoe (still another boring human)
    Nimbanel (red jumpsuit, yellow ponytail on top of his head)

    The ghost face alien called Elis Herlot is in the WEG books & CCG cards
    a listed on as being in the cantina, but he's not shown in the sceen shots.
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    I said Cantina as well, but really, the Screen Scene concept doesn't fire my imagination too well to come up with anything that'd work for me. 2 figs & some backdrop stuff for $15, right? And you need 2 sets to complete the scene, yes?
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    Screen scenes are 3 figures, now, aren't they? I thought that's what the Geonosian War Room and Jedi Council sets were classified as: Screen Scnees. Are they not?

    If you want to be technical, the dianoga counted as the 3rd figure in the death Star sets.
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    I would like to see a deluxe Screen Scene and that would be from Starwars a new hope when all the imperial officers are sitting at the table talking about the rebel and the empire you know when vader chokes that guy with the force I think that would be cool. might cost a little more but would be cool.

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    Well... it's kind of a hard choice but if we got aliens to choose from give us Dannik Jerriko and the Tonnika sisters.

    More ewoks wouldn't huer, nor would rebel officers (like Capt. Antilles or others on the Yavin base or those on Echo Station or even on board the Mon Calamari cruiser).

    I guess the Rebel briefing room would be a nice excuse for a General Madine figure along with... hmm... Mon Mothma and Ackbar have already been produced, so that leaves us with... umm... I dunno'... a few rebel pilots?
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    Sorry... typing in low light.
    Hard to see, the dark side is.

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    I couldn't decide between the rebel officers or the imperials, so I just picked the imperials. Even though I did vote for Riekeen for the Fans' Choice. I would like to see Veers and Captain Needa and some of the other officers. I also liked many of the other ideas from everyone else. But, I don't want another cantina set. There's been too many, and most of the characters have been made already. There's already 3 Greedos. But, I would like to see some Hoth or ROTJ Scenes (Meeting room, Death Star 2 (not the Throne, but maybe the big meeting room from the begining), or Endor.

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    I chose Hoth Rebel Commanders.

    1. we need them
    2. we need them and
    3. we need more of a selection of hoth characters anyway

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    What I would like to see is...

    A cinema scene based on the original poster of Star Wars w/ Luke and Leia and R2 & 3PO with a Vader's helmet background

    - The classic buddy pose with R2 & C-3PO

    Other ideas:
    - TPM - Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan at the bridge door of the Federation Starship
    - ATOC - Tusken village - Anakin & couple of Raider (one could be headless)
    - ATOC - Lars Funeral Group shot
    - ATOC - Dooku w/ Obi-Wan prisoner
    - ATOC - Secret Wedding ceremony w/ Anakin, Padme, & Minister
    - ANH - Vader (w/ hands on belt) & two flanking Stormtroopers w/ rifles
    - ANH - Tarkin, & other senior imperials at the Round Table (we already would have Vader and a Choking Admiral Motti)
    - ANH - Han, Chewie, Luke & Ben at the Cantina
    - ANH - Tarkin, Vader, and Leia as they watch Alderann being destroyed
    - ESB - Bespin Torture Chamber with Han, Vader and technician
    - ESB - Dagobah w/ Yoda, R2, and a sitting Luke (1 leg up after training)
    - ROJ - Jabba, Slave Leia (sitting), Salcious Crumb, (& possibly Bib Fortuna & C-3PO too) all posed around Jabba's Throne [This would have to be a "Deluxe" cinema pack and in scale with the previous released Throne Room]
    - ROJ - Imperial Dignitaries
    - ROJ - C-3PO (in chair) w/ Ewoks
    - ROJ - Funeral Pire w/ Luke & Vader's Body

    In general any scene that has been captured in a photograph still shot seems like a worthy challenge. Hasbro attempted this with the 25th Anniversary two-packs but has never really been able to accurately capture the essence of the still image.

    Just my $.02


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    tough choices

    Had a few good choices on that. I actually voted for the senators but not before switching through the Imperial Officers, Hoth Soldiers and the Cloud City. I'd prefer all four, but I'm greedy. I still believe they need to make the rest of the Jedi Council so it would fit in a circle, but oh well.

    How about some new playsets like the Palpatines office or the Senate itself then sell the Senators and their senate "cars" seperately to hook in. I'd buy it.
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