View Poll Results: Which kind of Screen Scene would you want to see next?

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  • Podracers

    29 6.59%
  • Senators

    35 7.95%
  • Jabba's palace thugs

    77 17.50%
  • Mos Eisley cantina aliens

    62 14.09%
  • Clones (marching, red shirts, etc)

    13 2.95%
  • Ewoks

    45 10.23%
  • Imperial Officers

    47 10.68%
  • Rebel Commanders (Hoth)

    95 21.59%
  • Cloud City inhabitants

    10 2.27%
  • main characters

    8 1.82%
  • Other (please write in below)

    19 4.32%
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    Well, since none of these are likely to ever be made, I cast my vote for the podracers. Those are still some interesting designs that have never made it to plastic. If I had a choice, I'd rather see some of the bar denizens from Episode II like the death sticks guy or the 'hooker aliens'. There's a whole room full of weirdos in that scene that no one seems to be remembering.

    As for Hasbro "inexplicably" abandoning the screen scene line, and failing to "capitalize" on these ideas, tell that to the 4+ year old cinema scene 3 packs that are still languishing at discount retailers. Ever wonder why you never saw that mynock hunt cinema scene? Probably because there are 200,000 of them sitting in a warehouse in Mexico.

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    i voted for senators, but i'd want them released with their senate car. could do several of the different species of senators. then have one of palpy and aides. what would be better would be a tales of .... style book from the nightclub on coruscant followed by the individual release of those figures.

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    Screw being picky hasbroken should just make them all. Every last goldarned one of them! Not simply these choices her but all the stuiff we've blathered on about for yearsa while they waste valuable resourc3es and money churning out the same old same old core chartacters time and time again. Hells bells and buckets of blood it's been 26 years since star wars hit the silver screen and we still don't have the cool cantina aliens yet!!!!! What they hell are they playing at over at hasbroken. Anyone would think they had to give birth to the plastic or something.

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    I voted other, but will buy anything cool...

    What I think would be neat would be a too part screen scene of the Jedi charging in the Geonosian arena with Kit Fisto at the head. Have two different scenes each with three or four Jedi figures which would connect. One would pop onto the first to form a group of Jedi.

    Another neat one would be Yoda with a Clone Commander and a couple Clonetroopers in part of that command vehicle.

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    I would like to see all,although I voted for Jabbas Palace Thugs.I'd like to see a Hermi,Bobo(?),and why not throw in a Monk?Not everyone could get the exclusive.More Cantina Aliens and a AOTC Funeral Scene would be great as well.
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    The purist in me would like to see OT scenes done: cantina, various rebels and Imps (the combinations here alone are endless!), Jabba's palace, Cloud City, Tatoonie. Then newer trilogy scenes: Jedi Council, Senate, etc...

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    All of them sounded great (provided we actualy get to see them in stores - see previous post/complaint about lack of distribution). In the end however, I voted for Imperial Officers. Veers could be either here or Hoth, and we already have Admiral Piett. But how about the Death Star Conference Room scene? General Tagge, Col. Wulf Yularen, and Admiral Motti? Or we could have Tagge, Captain Needa, and Commander Jerjerrod - one officer from each of the three movies?

    A Hoth set would also be great, especially/finally a Riekeen figure, as well as Veers. I personally would have selected any of the classic trilogy one, and I hope that this takes off into something good -- again, provided the distribution is not half-baked.

    Devo, I'm right there with you on wanting diorama "building" figures, as opposed to a "wasted" slot for an already made main character.
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    I want an all of the above choice! I hater to see one that are necessary not make it to production just because they're not as cool as others, (Ewoks). Heck, I'll be happy if I can just find these four! I still haven't found the Kamino Deluxe sets, or the speeders!!!!

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    For Hasbro's next Fan Choice Poll, they should do it for Screen Scenes.

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    I understand Jargo's frustration. I too voted for the cantina aliens. It just isn't fair...we'll never get all of our beloved aliens. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that in. Hem Dazon is LONG overdue, along with five or six other important cantina aliens. Heck, he's the first alien in the cantina that we see, yet no figure!!!
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