View Poll Results: Which kind of Screen Scene would you want to see next?

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  • Podracers

    29 6.59%
  • Senators

    35 7.95%
  • Jabba's palace thugs

    77 17.50%
  • Mos Eisley cantina aliens

    62 14.09%
  • Clones (marching, red shirts, etc)

    13 2.95%
  • Ewoks

    45 10.23%
  • Imperial Officers

    47 10.68%
  • Rebel Commanders (Hoth)

    95 21.59%
  • Cloud City inhabitants

    10 2.27%
  • main characters

    8 1.82%
  • Other (please write in below)

    19 4.32%
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    How about a scene of Padme's family?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Screen scenes are 3 figures, now, aren't they? I thought that's what the Geonosian War Room and Jedi Council sets were classified as: Screen Scnees. Are they not?

    If you want to be technical, the dianoga counted as the 3rd figure in the death Star sets.
    That would be the 2.5th figure, since each set comes with half the fig.

    As for Geo War & Jedi Council, you are right, there are 3 figs per set.

    There are a lot of ideas out there, but no feasible ones are coming to me right now as my top choice. I'd definitely rather see OT stuff get done over PT stuff though, mainly because OT product appears to be getting dimmer and dimmer in Hasbro's eyes and I'd like to see them get out great stuff like Tonnika sisters and whatnot before the prequels end and the line halts a la POTF1. But I don't like to see junk like the 3 dead guys screwed to a wooden base a la Jedi Spirits or Screen Scenes just to fill space like Mynock Hunt (gee whiz, thanks for 3 figures I already have) or ridiculously under-quality stuff like Evizan, Uncle Owen, or that sorry material that went into making Nabrun Lieds.
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    Hey guys i've never posted or anything before but i really wanted to chime in on this thing. i voted for the senators cause we ALL know hasbros cheapness and recycling old molds for everything. so why not vote for for one that we would im sure all love, the senators, and each scene be a senate pod. maybe a slight bit bigger than the regular scenes, and moveable pod. then they could make hundreds of them as the years go by, all connecting, maybe eventually forming a huge senate playset? and have extra pieces like elevator sets with maybe senatet guards, a central podium thingy, (u know what im talking about) with chancelor and advisors. Possibly a great way to get them to make some ET figures.

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    Screen Scenes

    These are all great ideas, and I can't wait to get teh war room and the jedi council. However I was thinking what about a screen scene from the Jawa Sand crawler? I would like to see a new R5-D4, and definately a better "gonk" droid than the one that came with the commtech jawa. I would also have to agree with the Owen/beru/clieg burial scene. I had one other idea, but of course I can't think of it now, but once I remember what it was, I won't be anywhere near a computer. Well thats my opinion take it for what you will.

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    I've got some ideas for new and original scenes.

    1.I want a scene pack for the Uncle Owen and jawa purchase of the droids and a different new one. I want one with all of the droids that are there when he gets r2. Im talking about the huge vaccuum droid and the one with like 6 arms and all the others.
    2.The Imperial conference room with officers.
    3.Bespin crowd
    4.Mos Eisley background inhabitants
    5.Podrace crowd(new one)
    6.Mos Espa background characters
    7.Hoth rebel officers that were mentioned
    8.All of the Imperial dignitaries
    10.Cantina unmade extras
    11.Jabbas palace extras
    12.Jabbas dungeon characters of Max rebo band with spider armed drummer and the rest
    14.rebel briefing in ANH with rebel pilots of the geonosian warroom characters

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    I said Jabba's Palace Thugs, but really just about any new figures are welcome.

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    "Ice Cream Maker Guy, a Black Bespin Security Guard, and maybe the Snivvian"

    That's good and why I voted!

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    Ravenger's idea about another Purchase of the Droids scene would be pretty cool, could allow for a new R5-D4 and an R1 droid and some of those other droids if it were 2 sets. No Luke figure, just Owen, a Jawa, and 5 droids that aren't R2-D2 and 3PO. That's what I'd vote for if it were up there.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    "As for Hasbro "inexplicably" abandoning the screen scene line, and failing to "capitalize" on these ideas, tell that to the 4+ year old cinema scene 3 packs that are still languishing at discount retailers. Ever wonder why you never saw that mynock hunt cinema scene? Probably because there are 200,000 of them sitting in a warehouse in Mexico."

    Well I assume the above referred to one of my posts on page 1. Fair enough then. In the US I suppose the tale is very different to where I live, Ireland that is. Over here though, everything sells, with exception of the 300 or so Anakin Mos Espas and the rest of the early wave figures timed for the two prequels that every bloody store bought in massive over-abundance. But an item like the Mynock Hunt cinema scene would have sold here and presumably did if we ever received any on this crappy island - course I'll never know, I missed it. So they're certainly not doing any languishing on store shelves in Ireland. Presumably though any decision Hasbro made on the cinema scene 3 packs was not based on the Irish market. If what you say is true then its not 'inexplicable' why they abandoned it, but nevertheless annoying.

    I've seen all good ideas here. Pity most of them won't happen.


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