View Poll Results: Which kind of Screen Scene would you want to see next?

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  • Podracers

    29 6.59%
  • Senators

    35 7.95%
  • Jabba's palace thugs

    77 17.50%
  • Mos Eisley cantina aliens

    62 14.09%
  • Clones (marching, red shirts, etc)

    13 2.95%
  • Ewoks

    45 10.23%
  • Imperial Officers

    47 10.68%
  • Rebel Commanders (Hoth)

    95 21.59%
  • Cloud City inhabitants

    10 2.27%
  • main characters

    8 1.82%
  • Other (please write in below)

    19 4.32%
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    Which kind of Screen Scene would you want to see next?

    Well, the Jedi Council and Geonosian War Room sets look perfect! I'm really excited to get these.

    I threw out a lot of choices of which all of them I'd want to see happen. However, I'm voting for the Hoth set, because I'd like to see General Riekeen, Torryn Farr, and Major Derlin, and this would be the most intelligent way to release them. It's one of the last ways The Empire Strikes Back can have a screen scene with all new figures, too - the bounty hunters have been offered a lot of ways, and some dudes I want, like General Veers, could be made cool enough to sell carded anyway. Sure Riekeen could also sell on a card, but this way we get some of his more obscure command crew. "So hey Sammy, what do you think about that?"

    What are you guys MOST hoping for next from the screen scene department?
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