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    Angry Cartoon Network is really making me mad!!!!!

    I start watching a series and am watching it through the long haul.
    And just when the series is about to end and which the final major battle is about to happen, they turn the show off or start showing other eps you have seen already but just on Saturdays.
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    They did that with Robotech a few years back. I watched the complete Macross and Masters. They got into the Next Generation and never, showed the last 3 episodes. They put Macross back on. I was so peeved. Those dirtbags.
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    The main problem I have had with that is with the shows Rurouni Kenshin and Dragonball. Except with DB it was the second time around. And those eps are not even available on tape or DVD. The eps with Tien at the tournament.
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    What bugs me about CN is that they keep switching around the lineup for weekend Adult Swim. I can never keep track when AquaTeen Hunger Force comes on.
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    I can't stand how they've already started rerunning the season 3 eps of Family Guy (that's where they started for some reason) when they never aired season 2 eps. I also can't stand how they keep juggling the schedule for shows like Justice League, Transformers:Armada, and MOTU. Oh, and I'm sick of Sunday Adult Swim eps rerunning less than a month after premiering, that is so frickin' annoying!

    However, I do like the new Adult Swim bumpers, though they need to keep them fresh, no more than 1 bumper rerun ever IMO.
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    I to am mad, cause adult swim, just seemed to stop showing one if my new favorite shows, InuYasha. It seemed to be right in the middle of the season, and they stopped showing it, and started showing some other *** new show. I was ******. just glad they're still showing Family Guy, Futurama, and Lupin the 3rd.

    Anyone know if they will start showing InuYasha again. Thanks if anyone knows.
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    It almost makes you wonder if they are teasing you so that you are forced to go out and buy the DVDs or videos. It seems a little too convienient. You pay for cable, you still have to see commercials, and then seeing a sample of the shows. They just keep trying to squeeze more cash outa of us.
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    I was pretty upset with Rurouni Kenshin being removed from Cartoon Network's Toonami. I preferred RK over Yu Yu Hakusho. YYH seems, IMO, like DBZ (running too many episodes before something really happens). But at least Cartoon Network put Courage the Cowardly Dog back to the 8:30 slot. That made me happy.
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    Not so bad now. Rurouni Kenshin on Saturday's is continuing where it left off.
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    At least they got rid of Rein. Did anybody even watch that stupid thing? Did like it the other night on Adult Swim when they said they wanted the ability to "forget" one thing they've done in the past they regret. They'd like to forget "Mike,Lu,and Og" or "Sheep in the Big City."


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