Don't miss out (if you are in or can be in) the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Dallas ComiCon is this weekend in Richardson, TX! Guests at this show include Boba Fetts Jeremy Bulloch (classic) and Daniel Logan (Episode II), TV's David Carradine from Kung Fu and the upcomining Quentin Terantino film "Kill Bill", Michael Jae White (Spawn, Kill Bill), Jennifer Lien (Star Trek Voyager's Kess), Kenny Baker, Bonnie Piesse (E2's Beru), and Matrix Reloaded twins, Adrian & Neil Rayment!
Check out their website at for more details. Billy Dee Williams was supposed to be a guest but canceled just this week! But there is still a good line up of guests. And of course JediCole and Mrs. JediCole will be there with the whole APOTAC cast of characters (Bubba Fatt, Sith Worm, etc.), so drop by and say hello. Who knows, if you identify yourself as a SSG member we will probably give you a discount at our tables!