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Thread: MOTU Snake men!

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    MOTU Snake men!

    I just saw picture of King Hiss, Rattlor and Kobra Kahn. They're AWESOME. All the features of the vintage ones. There was also a picture of a new Skeletor with HUGE snake arms. I'm not so fired up over him but I'll probably get him for my Skelly shelf. Oh yeah, the pics were in toyfare.
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    You can see 'em at too:
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    I really like Kobra Khan, but was dissapointed with Rattlor. He looked so awesome in the cartoon, but something is wrong with it.
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    They all look cool except for that Snake Armor Skeletor, what a waste of a figure.
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    I just really dislike the blue highlights on Rattlor.
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    Ya know, much as I love the new He-Man line I have to say that, like the vintage Snake Men, I am just not that impressed. I never cared much for the design of the originals, and even with the updating done to the new ones I still can't say that I like them very much at all. Not bad figures, mind you; just not my thing. Of the lot, I could easily see myself passing on all but King Hiss whose design I think is pretty decent, but who's still a bit of a disappointment to me in that he seems to be lacking decent articulation in his human form. At least he'll look reasonably cool to me sitting on my shelf...
    I absolutely love the Snake Armor He-Man though! I can't wait 'til he's released.

    Just my two cents.

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    I absolutely love the Snake Armor He-Man though! I can't wait 'til he's released.QUOTE]

    I totally agree with you RooJay, I think the Snake Armor He-man looks even cooler than the plain He-man I'm gonna pick him up for sure.


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