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    LEGO Mini Sets Wave 2 - Northeastern PA

    The TRU in Wilkes-Barre also has the second set of LEGO Mini Building Sets (Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, Republic Gunship, and Trade Federation MTT - the bonus ship being a Y-Wing). They're $6.99 each, and there's one entire set remaining (guess they only have one case out).

    The ships come 1 to a pack this time around but are much bigger. In all, they're even better than the first wave.
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    Cool, I've been waiting for these. They must be making their way to Illinois........I hope.
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    I'm in UT and haven't seen these yet, but I've been keeping an eye out. Give us a holler if the Wave 1 sets go on clearance. I still haven't bought the cheesy podracer set to finish off my TIE Bomber.
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