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    What did you buy/trade this week?

    Continuing with a certain theme that has poped up lately.

    This thread is for listing recent purchases (or trades), of Non-SAGA/Clone Wars related figures. i.e. older stuff you have recently bought/traded to add to your collection.

    I have recently been working on my OC Canadian "Square Card" collection. I traded with one of our fellow board members up north, and bought a couple off of Ebay for a good price:

    And this "Crowning Jewel" to my Square Card collection:

    Square carded R2-D2 with holofoil for $11.41 plus shipping (from UK)!!!

    Woohoo! I also managed to snag a few other Canadian OC figs:

    I also managed to get 4 of the 5 OC Long Saber figures for $5.00 EACH!

    Now all I need is Obi-Wan LS!

    And finally, a little POTJ Dagobah Vader error, saber upside-down (inverted):

    I have been an Ebayin' fool lately. Just too many good deal to pass up.

    So how about it. What have you bought/traded lately?
    May the force be with you.

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    so are recent non-SW buys also accepted, or just star wars stuff?
    as for star wars, I didn't get nayhting this week, but two weeks ago my loose Ishi Tib, Leia Boushh and Luke CTC figs arrived which I got from ebay
    but my last haul overall was today, got me my MM5 Sarah Conner (with pony tail, no hat) and Spawn Mutations Al Simmons today , great figs
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