View Poll Results: How do you want to see the Millennium Falcon retooled for the 21st Century?

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  • Just a re-release of the ship in its 1995 form would be fine I guess.

    6 0.89%
  • Repaint the 1995 ship in black details for a New Jedi Order version

    6 0.89%
  • Resculpt the whole thing, but keep the Falcon at a price point under $50

    79 11.74%
  • Resculpt the whole thing, but keep the Falcon at a price point under $100

    219 32.54%
  • Re-SIZE the whole ship, making it the definitive version, with the price as high as necessary

    296 43.98%
  • I don't think they need to re-visit the Millennium Falcon

    67 9.96%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    I would just buy the whole ship resized, at whatever FAO charges *cringe* but I was thinking about how you could sectionalize it and still make fun play environments:

    1) Cockpit with 4 seats, sounds and lights, connecting tube to crew lounge quarter with chess set, lightsaber training. Underneath anti-personnel blaster used at Hoth.

    2) back starboard quarter with entry-way ramp, and smuggling compartments, launching "EU" escape pod per authentic Corellian YT1300 specs, and service repair corridor for scoundrel-smooching. gas mask storage, main computer.

    3) back port quarter with top and bottom gun turrets in the front of it (so it's in the center of the fully assembled ship), main engineering sections for emergency repairs (not recommended while in asteroid fields), sub-cargo hold with cargo loading ramp per YT-1300 specs, Han & Chewie's crew quarters.

    4) Front port quarter with Lando's rescue hatch, emergency medical bunk for Luke, front manibles with cargo doors, cargo hold, and concussion missle launchers that fire.

    I'd like all these features in the first place, but I'd rather just buy the whole ship, rather than have Hasbro panic if a lot of people only buy the cockpit, and the rest of the ship sits in stores, or people wanting to compete their Falcon, can't find the gun stations section. Those kinds of problems.

    The best thing is to make the toy 4 exclusives:

    TRU gets the cockpit with exclusive Han and Leia (ANH)
    Target gets the smugglers' compartments with R2D2 and Obi-Wan (ANH)
    WalMart gets engineering with Chewie mechanic and C-3PO (ESB)
    KB Toys gets the missle launchers with Luke Bespin, Lando Rescue (ESB)

    Lando General, Han Bespin, Leia Hoth, Leia Bespin Escape, Luke Gunner Station, and Nien Numb are all viable alternatives for figures as pack-ins.
    Or more detail and NO pack-ins (I'd rather see that to be honest).
    Interesting idea, but what about the seams? Won't the ship look funny with all those pieces hanging together? And what about quality control? That nose section on the Queen's ship was a good idea, except that I had to tear mine apart and then rebuild it just to get it to stay on the way it was meant to. Imagine 4 quandrants of the ships that won't fit together. Yikes! I'd be po'd. But that's just me.

    But beyond that, can't you hear the scalpers salivating already at that concept! Just think, if they snatch up all the shortpacked mid-sections, then they'd have collector's eating out of their hands. And what would Brian's Toys charge? That would be worth the frustration to get a laugh out of that one.

    But I kind of like the idea of pack-ins. If nothing else, two of those Scanning crew guys with their blue box would be good. Maybe one of the fix-it droids that Han has in ESB on Hoth. Or maybe a Mynock or three.

    Oh, I just remembered that we'd need Luke's little cot where he goes after getting knocked around by pops.

    And, while we're making wish lists, I'd like to see a "hydraulic" entry ramp.

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    Thumbs down Falcon revamp

    There are so many things that have yet to be built that having the falcon redone (although it is the fastest bucket of bolts to make the kessel run), is not something that needs to be done. If we are going to have a really big ship done, how about a 3' super star destroyer or a Death star play set that is big enough to use with the figures. Lets get the ones we havent done yet before we rehash the old!!!!

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    Im with daricksstarwars on this one. Get us some new toys that we don't have already. I can think of a billion things we just flat out need in our collection, More pods ( their cool on dispaly any way ) , A better and bigger death star something that our playsets can hook up with that we already have from the old lines and new lines. Give me one new ship this year from the trilogy and I would be happy... please give me for my one ship this year a " Sailbarge ". My Jabbas tired of sitting looking out his little window and dreaming of riding in the sand. I like the idea of a star destoyer 3Footone is even better, lok at the naboo fighter for store display and your looking at a cool display.. then we could talk scenes to make, darth vader choking people as they board leias ship, all the stormtroopes busting down the door with vader guns, lightsabers and more, but no Hasbro will do something crazy like remake a Twin pod car.

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    hasbro has shown a willingness to keep releasing figures that have been done before to ensure that kids will be able to have a luke tatooine or a vader or any of the core characters. why not do the same with the integral ships. recently x-wing was released. shortly tie fighter will be showing up again. soon it'll be time for the falcon again. i have no doubt that we'll see the falcon on sale within the next couple of years.

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    IMO, we need a new Falcon pretty badly, but $100 is the ceiling for something like this I'm afraid, though if it were modular and each piece were really great, I could see $40 a section for each of the 4 sections.

    Let me start by saying that electronics are not vital IMO and should only be put in if it doesn't compromise the rest of the ship (both in design and finance). Here's what I think a new version should have:
    • 4-seat cockpit with opening door leading to corridor
    • corridor leading from cockpit to main hold
    • multiple corridors
    • opening boarding ramp
    • main hold
    • top hatch w/ elevator
    • hidden holds under the deck
    • at least 1 quad laser turret control seat
    • both quads on exterior
    • bunk w/ medical facilities
    • engineering section
    • hidden anti-personnel blaster
    • opening exterior panels to enjoy the action
    I'd much rather have a good new version of the Falcon than most other unmade ships. The Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic ships in Star Wars, yet the current toy is woefully beneath the quality of modern Star Wars toys.
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    Hell, I'm all for a bigger Falcon. I would pay $100 (or possibly more) bucks for one if it was nicely done. ...always dreamed about that.

    On that same subject, I would also like to see a bigger AT-AT. If done properly, I think these two would actually sell better than any other new vehicle that hasn't been made.

    Another re-size I would like to see would be the Y-wing, but I'm sure that'll never happen......... It's tough enough just to get the current one!

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    I'm all for a new one at any price.

    I agree with, start by making the cockpit four (swivel) seats and big enough to accommodate the new chewie, then scale the rest of it accordingly from there and pack in as much as possible. given what they did with the naboo starship I don't think a project like this should be a stretch for hasbro. oh, and boo to the sectional idea, at $40 a pop ($120+ total) I don't want any bs with availability, durability at the connection points or ugly seams. make it one piece with lid that comes off the entire top (it can attach with magnets since hasbro has become so fond of them anyway)

    there's what? just under two years until the next film and thus large product launch. before then hasbro will most likely be just twitchin' to hit us with a big cash-cow/ low production number exclusive so if it isn't this I bet it's something. as we all know they cater to collectors a bit more on non-movie years. this year we got a new Tie, A-wing and hopefully by the end of the year Sandcrawler. next year can be Cloud Car, Infiltrator and Falcon. anybody not like the sound of that? something new, like a Sailbarge or (Super) Star Destroyer, would be nice for collectors that frequent sites like this one, but I don't think the overall demand would warrant the production numbers vs production cost. another reason the Falcon would be a better choice is for it's recognizability to the non-collector/casual shopper type. in all of sci-fi and modern culture in general, the only ship I might expect to be more readily identifiable to the non-fan would be the Enterprise. these consumers are an important factor, if we learned anything from the shuttle it's that we sure aren't buying them all up ourselves.

    here's a far fetched idea, why not make SSG a public company, we can all by stock and use the money the to gain the rights to distribute it ourselves as an online exclusive. I mean really, could we possibly do a worse job than fao?
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    First of all ... is FAO Schwarz still in business? Because if they are, I'm sure selling something like a $200 (or more?) giant sized Falcon would completely do them in.

    It's a cool idea. It would be great to have a redone more modern version of the Falcon ... they really should have done one the first time around. I'm not exactly sure who they'd be selling it to though. I'd think that the "kids" aren't going to be paying $100+ for it ... and I'm not sure where I would put one if I could afford it. I don't know if you can build and market something like this to a limited number of collectors. It sounds like an extravagant idea. Perhaps the idea of a few detailed sections (that don't necessarily combine to form a whole ship) is more realistic. I'd love a detailed cockpit with lights maybe. I can't see Hasbro spending the money on developing much more given the fact that they seem to be cutting every corner they can quality wise with what we get now.

    Even so, I voted that if they can do it well and for under a $100 I'd be interested. It would still have to be first and foremost a great toy.
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    I gladly forked over $125+ for the Shuttle, and would gladly do so again for the Falcon, if they retooled it. I'd actually rather get this than any new ship. i realize that at $100+, it would turn a lot of people off, but I'm almost certain that if it were properly done, it would sell, and sell really well.
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    I voted for a redo, but keeping it at around $100. I would love to see a larger size and more detail, but I want it to be a practical toy. A four seat cockpit and a nice detailed back area are just about enough for me. Anything on top of that would be gravy. Bigger sleeker and more play value. That is not asking too much, and I don't think the bank needs to be broken to produce something like that.

    If it needs to be a store/on-line exclusive then so be it, because I don't think any of us falcon nuts are going to have any trouble getting it. But there is no way I am going to tell Hasbro that I will buy what ever they make at what ever price point. I think for most when the price point starts going beyond $100 intrest starts to drop. Hasbro has yet to produce anything that needs to be over $100 and I don't want to see the most beloved ship in Star Wars become the most impossible or pricey to get.
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