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    $127.65 gone in a flash on Unleashed...

    And with the incredible drought my areas been having with anything and everything toy wise I blindly wander in to TRU and find 2 of each from the latest line in Luke, Ben, and Palp... That AND I finally find a glimmer of the new He-Man figs... THere were only 2 new ones on the peg but I had to get them...

    Damnit and during this whole drought I didnt even really save up enough to really afford this all... Thank god for credit I guess....
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    Things like that happen. I know since I have been in a drought, no wait, a famine here, I will need alot of cash to catch up on alot of figures and things myself. I say thank god for lay a way.
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    Did any Leia Slave ship with that case?
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    I know how big bills just creep up.
    I've been in a huge drought but had a lucky spell over the weekend and ended up spending $210 total on SW. Including Clone Wars vehicles, 3 packs, and 18 Saga figures.
    I guess since I haven't spent much all year it spreads out well, but at one time it makes for a bad bill.
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    Kidhuman said it. Nothing but famine in my parts too. It's sad when you go to stores constantly and find NOTHING!
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    In A Month On Much Do Each Of You Spend Total On Anything/everything Star Wars....from Stickers To Master Replicas!!! A Month I Toss Out Like $350-$400

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    Nowadays, $50-60 a month, tops. Used to be more, back in the day; but I have since become a more, ah, focused collector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Did any Leia Slave ship with that case?
    No Tycho, the case only has 2 of Luke, Palpy and Obi. I found this case at a TRU in Santa Monica CA this weekend. I only bought one set. I'm a MOMC collector but, don't know why some of you guys keep these carded. They look so much better loose. I guess they are good trade items.
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    How do you figure $127 on unleashed? At my TRU, they USED to be $ they are $16.99 but even six unleashed figures do not add up to $127.00. Explain?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarthVader
    How do you figure $127 on unleashed? At my TRU, they USED to be $ they are $16.99 but even six unleashed figures do not add up to $127.00. Explain?
    I'll try to solve this puzzle. Let's see...

    At $16.99 apiece that totals to $101.94, assuming he bought all six. That leaves $25.71. Seeing as how California is in the midst of a huge budget crisis, thanks to Grey Davis, it's obvious that sales tax has risen to a huge 25%. Thus covering the extra $25 on the TRU bill and paying for an extra kilowatt-hour or two on the ole' deregulated Cali power grid.
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