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    If it all ended today...

    Hey everybody, I have been posting for awhile, but have never started my own thread, so here it goes. This is a question that really gets me every now and then. If it was announced today that there would be no more new Star Wars toys, would you be happy with your collection and what you have?

    From the vintage line to the present we have got tons of cool (and sometimes not so cool) stuff. Vehicles and playsets and everything in between. And the figures....what can I say? Not only do we have hundreds of figures of main characters in all their different outfits, we have more background and secondary characters in plastic than any other line of toys ever. With our collections, we could all easily re-create just about any scene from a Star Wars movie with no sweat! But if it were all over today, would you still need more, and how much?? Or would you be happy with the run you have had?

    My opinion changes on this from month to month I think. There is nothing like the joy of finding a new figure on the pegs that I have been craving for months. But sometimes the feeling of staring at empty pegs or pegs full of old figures is more frustrating then anything else. And I stop and wonder, do I need more? Do I need one more Jedi Luke or a Vader in a new pose? Do I need a figure of a character with five seconds of screen time and no lines??? Is another repaint of a Gunship or an A-wing worth the time and cash? But then I find a Wat Tambor or Coleman Trebor and I display them for days like they were main characters that changed the course of the movies!!!

    I love my collection, and I guess I will always feel that I could use "one more figure" or "that last vehicle" but I am happy with what I have over all. If it all ended, I don't have any holes in my collection and no regreats. I am not being gloomy about my collection or collecting prospects, I am just taking it all in. I have a lot...really a lot. And the line is still going strong and there is plenty more to make. But sometimes I wonder how much more I need, or how much more the line needs. What do you guys think??
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    I love my collection from vintage to present. I am very happy with it. I know I need to fill in some blanks and all, but for the most part i have about 80% of the figures. During EP1, I bought alot of playsets and vehicles, but not for EPII. Funds have been low for the last year, but the drought has helped me catch up. When the newer figures show their beedy eyes around here, I am gonna have to spend alot on them.

    I try to get all of the 3.75 line, but it is hard. I will get the cooler looking figures first since the main characters have about 10 figures of them already. We dont really need to have all the rehashes of figures. I like the secondary characters. They are usually the cooler looking Aliens and all. We dont need to have a repainted A-Wing or Gunship either. IMO Hasbro could have used their budget better than that. But with the lisence until 2018, we might get everything we have been asking for.

    As for as how much more the line needs, well if you go through the forums and search them, you will find lists of figures that we want, so until we get evry figure from every scene, I guess we wil always want more.
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    There are still several figures I'd like made or remade as it were. I only got one CT stormie the first time around so I'd like those to be remade sometime down the road. I'd also like to see more Jabba's Palace and Cantina aliens and more Imperials (Ozzel, Needa, etc.). Perhaps some more droids from the Sandcrawler scene in EP4.

    But hey, if they stopped now I'm sure my wife would be happy.
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    Oh no doubt MC, my wife wouldn't shed any tears over the end of that collection either!!! And kidhuman I know you are right. The lists on these boards are endless for what everyone would like to see for both new and redone figures and vehilcles.
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    I think overall I would be happy (my wife would be ecstatic too.) There are a lot more figures I'd love to see made/remade before it all goes away. I don't think we'll ever get them all, though.

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    I collected vintage SW toys until mid-junior high. (It was not cool to play with 'dolls.') So, if the new lines stopped today, there's still plenty of older stuff for me to collect, if it's reasonably priced and I could track it down.

    There's also plenty of other things that I missed or never got to my area. I could always track that down, too.

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    Well, if it all ended today, I woulds probably shift my money over to getting some of the vintage figures off of eBay or some other similar site. I wouldn't mind it though, because frankly, I'm running out of room to store/display it.
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    If it all ened today I could finally pay off some of those dreaded credit card bills.
    Although I would end up buying alor of junk because it had a SW logo on it.

    Although I am proud to say that if I was at a restaraunt and George Lucas walked in, took a bite out of a hamburger, and left. I wouldn't add the hamburger to my collection
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    If it all ended today, I would be just fine with that. They've made more versions of my favorite characters than I ever imagined would see the light of day!

    As it is now, I mainly only stick to certain figures (on the rare occasion that I actually find them).

    Honestly though, the line may as well be dead with it's current state of availability .

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    Woah, if it all ended today. I'd like to say that i'd start collecting the Vintage stuff, but ya know what, i wouldn't. I got pretty much everything since 95 and while "vintage" is just that, it's not nearly as good (at least to me, i'm sure many shall not agree) as the stuff we're seeing now.

    I would probably actually start saving money......... hheheheheh hells no, i'd blow it on something else.

    I am very happy with all my collecting lines, especially SW. It gives me a sense of geek pride only we nerds can feel and enjoy.
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