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    Yestertoys gone crooked?

    Anyone else having problems getting a shipment or even a response out of Yestertoys?
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    There's an old thread about this in the Hasbro Saga section on page 3. Looks like you (and me) aren't the only ones.
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    I guess I spoke too soon. My shipment just took a little longer to get here than usual. But all is groovy.
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    Hmmmm....Saw the post on the front page of Sir Steve's where Yestertoys had discounted Star Wars toys for sale at the Chicago convention last weekend. They were also supposed to apply this discount to orders placed on their website (even if the website didn't reflect the discount).

    Well I went ahead and ordered a TRU X-Wing and sent them an email alerting them to the announcement they made about the discount. This was last week. As of today, they have not responded to my email nor have they applied the discount (they charge my CC the full amount that was listed on their website).

    I suppose I could call them, but it is a long distance call as they don't have an 800 number.

    Anyone else run into something similar with Yestertoys?
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    I ordered some figs from them almost a month ago that were In-Stock, but still no figs came in the mail yet.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Interesting...I'm going to give them a week from when I sent them my email and then call them. I guess I could deny the CC charge, but I really hate to do that. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until I try to get this resolved with a phone call.


    Have you received anything from them as to an update to your order? The only email I got from them was when I placed the opder on their website. And that was an auto-generated one at that. I didn't even get an update that my package shipped.
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    ISG, What is it that you find shady? I can add fuel to the fire for this one. I was at Wizards this weekend and they had all the stuff listed at thier booth. Thing is that a few things were $5 more than they said. They had 20 Skiffs with a tag of $35 on them, but thier add said $30. I'm sure if anyone said anything about this, they got it for $30. You know the "mention my ad and get $5 off" kind of thing. Still, I found it a bit funny.

    Still, his booth was busy, and he had the cheapest rates in town.

    Still, he's gotten some bad press with the slow shipments and lack of communication. There are others to buy from, so in the on line figure business you expect more.

    Buyer be ware I guess .
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    The only thing I recieved from them was an order confirmation and a bill on my credit card. I hate it when online retailers say something is In-Stock and it really isn't. If it was In-Stock, I would have already recieved my figs in the mail. This is why I stopped going though Kebco. If you order an In-Stock item, you should recieve it in 1-2 weeks- not 4-6 months when the figs you ordered are on a clearance sale from peg warming. For now on I'm only odering from cloudcitycollectables, planetactionfigure,toybliss, and actionHQ.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Ive never ordered from an online retailer. Part of me wouldnt mind it (for those hard to find things) but alot of them seem to have high prices too (but i realize that they need to make a profit to stay in business) Thanks to this thread i will stay away from Yestertoys whenever i do go online for figures.
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