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    Anychance of seeing items like Slave 1 or Republic Gunsip in buyable quantities?

    Hey all you Action Fleeters out there, I recently got into collecting, and started back with my first love, Action Fleet. Since then I've found out all I could about the latest line of AF. And as many of you know, the wave containing Slave 1 and TEH GUNSHIP! never truely made it to the front lines for many of us. I was wondering if there is hope to find them upon a shelf yet, and the way things appear to be coming out of order wave wise, it's driving my nucking futs. Anychance my friends?
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    Its a mystery, and I'm suprised no ones been able to get some sort of answer as to why the Gunship wave came out in such silly numbers. That said, I think D&S still have some, but I don't know.

    What I do know is theres no sign of the Gunship wave in the UK at all. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. And I'm not holding my breath. I might buy another set from D&S as I did want a second gunship.

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    Hmmmm, I didn't realize they were that popular. I had both up for trade here not too long ago and noone e-mailed/PMed me, I figured everyone had 'em.

    I ended up posting them on Ebay, the auctions closed at about $35.00?!?!

    Oh well, I found these a couple of months ago, only saw 'em once. I was considering keeping them, but I have decided to give up on micro machines.
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