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    Quote Originally Posted by tagmac
    Garindan is gonna end up going the way of either Skiff Lando or the Ewoks - low production/early cancellation or 1 per case. Get ready to pay ridiculous prices for this one.
    actually i see him as the "ponda baba" of this wave, which i think is a pretty good figure, but warmed shelves for years at wal-marts across my state. i see Garindan doing the same thing.

    and this looks like a three figure wave, so i'll wager there will be 2 of each figure per case.

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    If for some reason I end up having to buy a case of these I'm going to melt down the ridiculous jawas and use them as doorstops.
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    I dig these Jawas. At first I wasn't so sure about them not having cloth outfits. But after checking them out a few times, I think they have a cool look, and actually look more movie acurate than the old one IMO (with the pointy hoods and all).

    The Ben and Garindan look great to me. I'll probably end up getting a Garindan and using his cloak for my Jedi Luke, and use the rest of his costume for a custom Imperial.

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    Garindan rocks!!! That one totally caught me by surprise as I had heard no rumors of it before. Looks great!! Doubt it'll ever make it to shelves in my lifetime, though.

    I've always been a fan of the little guys, but the lack of effort on these 6" figures is getting ridiculous. I mean how hard would it be to put leather hoods on the ewoks like they did with Wicket, or cloth cloaks on the Jawas. It's not like they have to build a huge elaborate outfit! The real clothing is one of the main things that makes the 12" line cool.

    Obi-Wan looks okay. Appears that they finally fixed the brown eye problem the old one had. However, since everyone just got done voting the previous 12" Obi-Wan as their favorite figure, it seems pointless to make one that is only slightly (if that) better. I doubt many people will be interested.

    I think it would have made a lot more sense and been better economically to condense these waves into one with Lando, AT-ST driver, Garindan, and maybe the Biker scout since there seems to be plenty of interest in that one. Then scrap or redo the ewoks and jawas to make them acceptable quality for collectors. I'm so fed up with this that I wouldn't mind getting 1 wave a year as long as the figures are new and decent quality. I guess I'll be hunting for an impossible to find Garindan as the rest of the group sits on shelves -- if they ever make room with all the previous waves and rehashes piling up there.

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    I agree with the majority here, the Garindan looks great. It will probably be the only one of the three figures to be joining the collection.
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    Not really a 12" collector but I like the Obi-Wan and Garindan.The Jawas just look..scary.More so in those plastic molds.They could have re-released the 96 ones and I would have been happy.Those light up eyes are cool
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    I saw these when I was down at ComicCon.

    They looked a little on the prototype side to me (whick could explain the EpOne cloak on the Old Ben and the cheesy look to the jawas)

    I liked Garindan alot. Dark, mysterious...good detailing right down to the comlink he betrays our heros with.

    Old Ben looked okay. I don't know. I understand (but don't necessarily agree with) Hasbro's logic of re-introducing core characters every now and again in the basic figure line (epsecially if it's been awhile since the collection has seen the character and Hasbro wants to introduce it to a new generation of collectors) but I think renintroducing them too often in the 12" line is a waste of the collector's time. I'd rather see more effort put into new releases...

    The the earlier one better. The soft goods worked really well and the light up eyes were cool too.

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    Not really down with the new Jawas...

    As a fan of the little Jawas, I was a little disappointed with the new ones. It really stinks that the entire sculpt was fashioned as if this as from the 3 3/4" line. I also am not a fan other way they did their eyes. It appears, in all of the pictures, that the eyes portrude about a centimetre or so out of the black part. I think these would have been better if the eye had been recessed a bit.

    Oh, well... nice going, Hasblah.
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    I agree. The older POTF jawas were much better. What is the point if it doesn't have cloth clothing. It's just a lousy atriculated statue. :P I can see doing it for things that have fur (i.e. ewoks) because that is tough to make smaller. Just hasbro being cheap again, what else is new
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    When you break down and get them, just look at them from a distance. Kind of like a Monet painting.
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