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    Quote Originally Posted by Wampa
    Wow, another threat to quit collecting. The fact of the matter is, all you grown men who act like children every time a figure is released really do need to quit. If the thought of Hasbro figures just repulses you then dont buy anymore!!! Invest your money into mutual funds and IRA's. Then your anxiety may settle a bit. All of you who say your going to quit collecting will be the first in line when a new wave is shipped, so stop whining. Look at this from Hasbros point of view, they read these forums. They hear you moan and cry about a drought of figures and when they release something its immediately shot down. This whole wave is great and I appreciate Hasbro for allowing the release of these figures!!
    Gee Wampa, you must work for HASBEEN, I mean HASBRO! Adult collectors buy the 12" line because many of us were fond of Kenner's original 12" line as kids. So we have some entitlement to complain if we don't like current trends with the line. It's too bad Kenner is no longer around. At first I was disappointed to see the logo changed from Kenner to Hasbro when the Episode 1 figures came out. But with today's crap, it gives me an excuse to not be a completionist. I can simply say I have the complete Kenner line of Star Wars 12" figures, but NOT Hasbro's (even though there was some crap in the so-called Kenner line Hasbro put out).

    I don't want the 12" line to end. I still want more 12" cantina aliens, Jabba the Hutt aliens, ESB medical droids, Imperial Dignitaries, etc. I guess it's a blessing in disguise to not pick up every figure anymore, since closet space is limited. But can you imagine the discussions at Hasbeen, "We could make a 12" Jawa/Gonk Droid 2-pack, but nah! Let's just make 2 Jawa statues instead, save some money!"

    I wrote an open letter to Hasbro over in Rebelscum's 12" forum. I'm trying to use reverse psychology and sarcasm in hopes Hasbro fixes the line, if Hasbro really reads these forums like you say.

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    Pretty funny letter.

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    Man, I'm lovin the Snoot Man! Got Garindan the other day from OMG. I'm all worked up over finally getting a new 12" alien from Mos Eisley. He's very cool; I'm quite pleased with him.

    I need to get to work on a cantina booth to seat about four 12" mooks. I've been wanting to do that for some time, but rarely get around to crafty projects.

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    Finally spotted these 3 figures at TRU today...
    No big surprise, Obi-Wan is really disappointing in person. I didn't really scrutinize the thing, but the head and maybe just the way it's painted makes it look wrong. It looks cheap. The Jawas are actually decent looking for what they are, but I'm still not a fan of the all plastic Jawa. I would have rather had them focus their all plastic Jawa making energy on the 3 3/4" line.

    Garindan looks good, but out of the 3 that I saw, they were all packaged poorly. The clothes are either all folded oddly, or that stupid wire around his neck pulls the hood all tight and funny. I really wanted a clean boxed version of this, but I'm not sure that it's going to happen.

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    I finally saw these today at TRU as well. The 12" Obi-Wan is disapointing. The likeness and the look of the outfit isnt too appealing.
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    Well this wave made a brief appearance here but all that was left was Obi-Wan and man does he look like the walking dead. It appears that Hasbro decided to save some money by not puting any pigment in his skin. He looks a bit creepy.
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    I finally got the new Garindan (through a dealer) today, and I must say that I am very dissapointed in this new 12". The Black cape is the same cape that came with the Luke Jedi (FAO version). The body is the Death Star Trooper, and the only part of the 12" that is new is the head. The worst part is that since they used the Luke cape it's too short for the figure, and that means that the robes do not reach the feet like they were in the movie. Come on Hasbro, the 12" line had a standard of quality. What is going on with your last two waves of figures.
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