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    new 12" Obi-Wan, Garindan & Jawas!

    Check 'em out in SSG's SDCC coverage:

    Obi-Wan's head sculpt, clothes, and saber look really nice, but the body looks like an old HOF body that has high blood pressure.

    The Jawas look ok except for the painted eyes, but more like 2-ups from the 3" figures than anything else, certainly not as good as the 6" AC one from 5 years ago.

    Garindan looks pretty sharp IMO, not a complicated body or costume, but head and comm unit accessory look top notch.
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    Hey! Where did these come from?

    Obi-Wan looks really good I think. I'm pleasantly surprised. As much as I hate the Jedi Luke, I think I will like Obi-Wan.

    I'm not sure about the Jawas. On the one hand I like plastic ... uh huh ... big plastic Jawas sounds like a cool idea. But, It's just not what the 12" line is all about to me. Looks like they're cheaping out with these ... agreed, the old ones seem better. (On that note, I like my Yoda from back then better than this angry and puffy looking new one.)

    Garindan ... super! Such a weird looking character to begin with ... great looking toy. Really looking forward to it.

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    i don't think obi-wan has a HOF body, it looks like a classic collection joe body, like the one dooku has, just without the hinged fingers. it's just the prototype.......remember when they showed dooku, his body color was different than his head color?

    .............overall, these 3 figures look good, but who really wants them? i have 3 obi-wan's already, 2 jawas, and don't really care for the long snout guy. .........i'll get him, but i would of preferred something else, like........

    1. episode 2 padme star fighter pilot
    2. captain panaka
    3. male or female jedi
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    ugggghh. look at those hideous jawas. If I want more I'll just buy a couple more of the potf jawas with the light up eyes and cloth outfit. Those are cartoonish and ridiculous! :P I'm beginning to think Hasbro isn't cheap, they're just insane .
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    all I can say is ...


    Who cares about the others!!
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    New 12" Figures

    Anyone notice the difference in color on Obi-Wan's hands compared to his face, just plain awful quality control IMO.

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    Why on Earth do we need another Obi-Wan? What's wrong with the first two? From now on,the only Obi-Wan I want to see,should be from the Prequels. It wasn't mention but I like the Biker Scout. I will give them credit for doing this. Makes up for those of us who didn't get one at Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek
    ... remember when they showed dooku, his body color was different than his head color
    Which is why for me it's always gonna be an "I'll wait and see what it looks like in the store" kind of deal.
    Quote Originally Posted by derek
    ... but who really wants them?
    Mmm, maybe me ... for whatever reason, I've taken a pass on every other Obi-Wan. If this one looks solid once it's released, I may buy it.

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    That Obi-wan's great. It actually looks like Guinness. I'll junk my old one for that one!

    The Snoot is cool. Aliens are always my fave.

    Plastic Jawas? No.

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    Garindan is gonna end up going the way of either Skiff Lando or the Ewoks - low production/early cancellation or 1 per case. Get ready to pay ridiculous prices for this one.


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