Just picked up the Jedi Starfighter and AAT in new CW boxes.
I never had the EP 1 AAT so that's kind of new to me(kind of because i have 2 of the desk organizers that are are made from the exact same mold with the same features).
It was cool just see new stuff though.
They were at Toy'R'Us near my house and they were the only CW items sitting there side by side.
For 3 3/4 they had about 200 POTJ Snaggletooth's and Bespin Guards and Saga Anakin Hanger Duel,Tusken Bar B-Q kick over Aanakin,Jango Pilot,Destroyer Droid,Clone Pilot.
Which is the same selections they have had since the fall of 2002.
A war has come and gone and the SW assortment has not budged.
It's not really even worth bringing up the dist thing,im a beaten man and im very very tired.
I have accepted defeat in finding anything at retail and just popped in on a whim(i no longer go looking 2 or 3 times a week anymore)and found them.
A fluke im sure.


Also they had tons of the Death Star/IMperial figure packs with the redeco Vader,ect.
I bought 3 of them first time i saw them thinking i would never ever see them again.
So that's 3 new things iv'e found in 2003.