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    Micro Machines Club Feedback

    - R2Dee2 is a fast shipper and very patient.
    - vulcantouch's packages are slightly slower because he's out to save you money on shipping, so he ships the cheapest possible way. Very commendable.
    - Good Shot Jansen comes through very nicely, but has a looooong address with suite numbers and care of addresses.

    There are others that are dandy folks in our club, but my mushy mind can only seem to remember doing business with these 3 at the moment. Sorry if you were forgotten, a PM or email to me will rectify that.
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    I've had good dealings with these people in the MicroMachine Club:

    Baal-sent me a "freebie" MM vehicle set to complete my collection. Thanks !
    good shot jansen-many good trades and I still am in debt to him for the JCPenney X-ray pack he got me. He sent me my first "numbered" Action Fleet Thanks !
    JediTricks-Sent me the Disney Speeder with so cute R2!
    shinakuma43-Sent me a solid panel Action Fleet Vehicle. Thanks !
    vulcantouch-legendary bounty hunter!
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    good shot jansen
    vulcantouch-legendary bounty hunter!

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    Talking fabulous folks who dish out fabulous toys so fabulously!

    vulcan touch many many great trades over the years! he was the 1st person who i traded with, and due to the great experience, i've been doing it since!

    jedi tricks came through as a hero, when my son lost the a-wing pilot from his 1st action fleet vehicle. recently, per my request, he went out of his way, and bagged everyone who asked, a starspeeder 3000 from disneyland!

    r2dee2 this girl is the authority when it comes to information on all toys across the star wars universe. in all of our trades, she has always included an added bonus, knowing that my son would love these onasked for goodies!

    lowly bantha cleaner aka lbc, saw that i had posted once about an x-ray set, without asking, had sent me my request without hesitation!

    brit cit 3 has bagged me tough to find mm's over in merry ol'e england! always keeps me abreast of the going on's on his side of the pond

    jeddah she says that she's played out fer the moment on collectin' for herself, but is always there to bag that tough to git mm without concern foir her own needs! btw, don't believe her when she says, shes played out, there's always something that will strike her fancy

    swafman a tireless bounty hunter from the back woods of pa! will always go out of his way to find what you need!

    these are some of the folks who have made collecting mm's fer me such a pleasure over the past couple of years!
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    Post who'm i to rain on y'all's nauseating mutual admiration society parade? ;P

    yeah yeah yeah, what y'all said right back at everyone mentioned thus far, along with lbc, ws, jce, ham salad, antiscalper, ncc2000, jerrad_2000, scicomp, nesius, wedgie, trekmicromachines, dr superstar, hardack/kidsplate etc etc etc blah blah BLAHHHH
    meanwhile, new trader grif's money order Finally arrived, so i can vouch for him; hope he don't mind if i end up takin My sweet-*** time baggin his awings speakin of which jt, i Do send faster if recipient asks & pays for it; slower/cheepest is simply my "default" shipping setting
    bad feedback to the old galooBB's gypsythesquirrel of wichita kansas. but don't worry, i made him regret his choice
    bad feedback also for ebay's h2rcr (among other identities), cuz he's a lyin sack and a lowlife mm scalper to boot
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    I've been known to loiter around the Micro Machines board and here is what I've found.

    Vulcantouch: Seems to go to the ends of the earth for your item. Also is very successful at getting the lowest possible price he can get--plus--will save money on shipping. I was able to score a Jawa Sandcrawler, the rare Aussie Braid, and some HTF MM Episode 1 Vehicles through him. Will also pack extra goodies!

    GSJ: Unselfishly gave up a mint Battlepack 17 that he had lying around. A very generous and pleasant collector to deal with. (P.S. he needs a green AF A-wing with no emblem)

    I haven't personally dealt with r2dee2, JT, jeddah, Swafman, Baal, Shinky, Warstar, britcit and others but I have watched them make deals in the past without any snafus. Don't be afraid to deal with any of them, they aren't scalpers or robber barons. Take my word, the trading at the MM community is legit!

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    Thanks for the nice words!

    I'd have to say everyone here is on the level.
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    irc.rockford an excellent trader!

    i had sent irc.rockford a tie defender in hopes that he could track down for me europe released only x-ray sets V, VI, and VII, as well as any of the later ep. I mm releases (sets XI - XVI) which were only released in europe as well.

    irc.rockford has responded amazingly, not only was he able to track down the x-rays, but he also was able to find ep. I sets XII and XIII!

    he is a fabulous, s well as a trusty great trader!

    thanx Iain!
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    vouchin for mm figure collector known here as ARTOO

    . . .though i call him ar2 for short cuz i'm lazy & it helps distinguish him from r2dee2, whom i now refer to as dee2 for similar reasons of laziness
    our in-person trade culminated a 3&1/2 year on/off correspondence goin back to the old galoob buzzboard. pleasant fella & a generous trader, if you got mm figures he seeks you'll wanna deal w/him

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    Thumbs up two more examples of mm trader/collectors bein the coolest of all

    italocollector jedigoofy keeps the mm spirit alive in the land of advanced vehicle design & testing, abbondanza
    and the only problem you might have with darthcarlos is that, while he sends your stuff lickety-split, he takes FOREVER gettin around to tellin you what you might be able to get him in return
    p.s. above trader ARTOO is now known by the name hodude (as in h.o.-scale-figures, as in trade him some cuz he digs em )

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    I never knew this thread existed until VT linked to it from the MM forum tonight...

    I hope I don't forget anyone. VT, JediTricks, Jeddah, GSJ, r2dee2 and ShinakumaForty-Something have all been terrific to deal with. In addition to VT's legendary bounty-hunting and frugal shipping ethic, he also tends to select nifty postage stamps and thoughtful surprises with his packages. But my favorite was his schematic drawing on an inner box flap, showing the best way for me re-pack a box of videotapes!
    (this is from 4/4/02..)
    Props to LBC & Haggie

    Just received an ILC from Haggie in a box so minty the whole house smells like a box of girl scout cookies! Yum! Everyone here should be so fortunate as to receive a ship packed with expert care by the Haggmeister.

    LBC has also winged a Defender this way, in a straight 1:1 trade for an ILC. As with so many other acts of camaraderie by the folks here, LBC exemplifies the wonderful spirit of this forum.

    Before VT, I was always wary of 3-way trades/deals, but since seeing his finesse, and with the great reputations of the regualrs here, I had no reservations at all about this deal. Thanks again to Haggie and LBC!
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