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    Wouldn't it be awesome if Cartoon Network did a Shadows of the Empire Cartoon?

    With the awesome looking Clone Wars show on the horizon, and ideas for a Pre- New Hope Chewbacca series, what about finally brining Shadows of the Empire to life through cartoon?

    I mean think about it, obviously its a bit to late to do a Live-Action Movie about it, but with the scetches and concept art I've seen for CW, they could do a really REALLY good job with this intruiging storyline. Seriously, they could do a fairly lengthy series about it or just do an entire animated movie of it, much like the PPG movie (sorry needed an example). It could brethe new life into this "what happened between ESB and ROTJ" Novel. And MAYBE a whole new toy venture. True, there WAS a SOTE toyline, but they could go a lot farther if a show were created. The comics were awesome, the novel, WOW. If they played their cards right, theyd have possibly one of the best animted films ever created. Hopefully the CW shows when shown in sequential order make a cool "hour long Clone Wars Spectacular". With guidelines already set and high standards, SOTE is an idea you can bet on. You can't say you've never wanted to hear Prince Xizor, Dash Rendar, and company speak... REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST...

    Thoughts? Threats? Etc...
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    I read the comics and the novel, and beat the heck out of the game. I'd watch an animated movie for sure..... but hasn't the time kind of come and gone?

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    Perhaps, but i think the interest would return if they were to do something like that. I mean why stop at CW and Chewbacca, SOTE is a logical move since a live action movie is out of the question, maybe getting all the stars together to voice it, THAT would be something.
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    I have been saying for years, that they should make animated movies out of the EU. Especially the Thrawn Trilogy and the New Jedi Order.
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    Now that is an idea. That would be much better than the Clone Wars cartoon. SHadows of the Empire should really be done. It is an awesome story. I hope that if this Cone Wars cartoon works they really consider Shadows, as well as other stories.
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    maybe wventually every book/comic will have its day on the big/small screen. I drool just thinking about it, especially Dark Empire I and II... I may have to contact Cartoon Network, or something...
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