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    Vintage weapons came in all different colors. I have a bunch of original weapons, all the same guns, but different colors. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    According to Steve Sansweet, in either his Insider column or one of his books, Kenner released figures later with different weapons, as well as blue or black versions. That's how I can recall getting Hammerhead with a Han gun, while others think they bought theirs with a Stormtrooper gun. Lando came with both a Bespin gun or Stormtrooper one, etc. I think my Fetts had black guns, since I got them in the mail when you could first get them. Alas, no missle firing backpack...
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    Is there anyway to tell if the weapon is a repro?

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    Yes, it's very easy to tell if a weapon is a repro or original.Just pick up the weapon in question and hold it about 5 inches or so above a counter or etc. and drop it.You'll know the difference almost immiediatly.A repro weapon when dropped sounds like a plastic model car it's molded out of hard plastic. An original vintage weapon will make a deeper sound when dropped .If you have some original weapons and some repros try this'll find that no matter how good a repro weapon looks, a repro will never fool an experienced vintage collector
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    I hadn't heard of the drop test before, but if it works great. Also color, texture, and size help. Most repos are wrong on at lest one of these.
    As for weapons, EBS carded figures generally had dark blue and ROTJ and SW carded generally had black. This in general not absolutely, in my experience. My Boba Fett had a black gun (was on a ROTJ card).
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    The drop test is the best! You can tell right away. That is what I use. I sold some figures to a guy on Ebay and he is tellign me that the entire lot has repro figures because one of the weapons is blue. "repro blue" he calls it. I have seen the repro weapons that are blue, they don't look anything like the original blue weapons. Anyway I offered him a refund anyway.

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    JEDIpartnr --- The Licorice Dots you referred to are called Crows. I actually buy these all the time at my local RiteAid.

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    Stone the Crows!
    A friend of mine loves those things, I've never cared for black licorice, black jelly beans, etc.

    Thanks for the tips on the "drop test". I don't have any repro weapons, but I have been considering a purchase to fill out the look of my vintage collection. This will come in handy if I ever mix them up and get confused.

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    Speaking of repros, does anyone know of an online source for these things? I'm looking for Bespin Guard blasters. I know about ebay, but I'm not interested in buying weapons I don't need. Any help would be appreciated.
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