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  1. #21 used to have weapons for sale individualy, I have not checked in a while.

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    I don't want to flame any of the sponsors, but in general I found if they sell loss weapons for vintage figures, there pricey. Last time I looked into it the going price of a Han Solo type blaster was $5.00. But on the other hand if you feel it's a good deal by all means buy them.
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    Heah, I agree that $5 for a REPRO blaster is pricey. but when Walrusman or Greedo or whoever is standing on the shelf just begging for gun I tend to have lapses of reason. It breaks my heart to see an incomplete vintage figure.

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    I would just go on ebay and but a lot of vintage weapons, it isn't too much, and you'll have extras. Especially if you are looking for more common guns, like the bespin one.

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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    You could sell any extras later to recoup your cash. They're always in demand.

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    The ultimate guide to see if a weapon is a repro

    Please post your tricks how you can see if a weapon is original or repro. Is it the colour, the sound when you drop the weapon, the smell ? Post your way to find it out to help me and all other vintage fans.

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    Question Huh? Wha-?

    Clone_Commander, you have 5 total posts, with 2 starting threads about repro weapons and another replying to such a thread! You really like those repro guns, eh? Just kidding. (Not about the post counts; it's true, as of 9/12/02)
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    So let's use this thread then to talk about a good method to decide if a weapon is original or repro. There are so well made repros that it is really hard to differentiate these from the originals.

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    I know. I have some of the Lando guns and I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between real and repro! I know I didn't buy that many real ones, but I would swear that at least four of the ones I have are real. Three I can tell right away.
    I think the only real way of telling the difference is to get some real vintage weapons so you can compare. I am going to get one real Lando gun to see what others I have and go from there.
    I just ordered some guns from an online store. I ordered all originals and paid that price for them, but when they showed up, four of them were repros! I could tell right away. I am returning them, obviously.
    Bascially I go by the sound they make when they hit the floor or the table, but that can be misleading sometimes. Like these Lando guns; I'm pretty sure most of them are repro, but they make the same sound as some of my other real guns. It's confusing...

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    Yes, sound is not always the best way to tell the difference. I have a repro stormtrooper blaster and a real one and they make the same sound when they drop.


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