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    How to spot a fake

    I figured it'd be a good idea to have a thread where vintage collectors could share knowledge and experience to prevent other vintage collectors from getting ripped off.

    I only have two bits of experience to relate for now:

    Original weapons vs. repro weapons--I've only actually seen guns and spears and the like, I've never actually seen a repro lightsaber or cape. When comparing repro to original, the most obvious sign I've notice is the repro are sometimes larger and shinier; but if you're in a store and don't have a basis for comparison then ask to see the figure and weapon. If the weapon is made of really hard plastic, which would seem to snap easily, then it is probably a repro. These are the repro weapons you can buy from places like Brian's Toys in bulk and some unscrupulous collectors might try to pass off as the real thing. The vintage weapon are made of a softer material (though not nearly as soft as the new toys) and have some give to them when you bend them.

    Check the manufacturer date on the figure/vehicle before purchase--I was at a comic book store a few years back and saw a vintage Chewie for $15, not thinking I bought it and when I got it home I noticed "LFL 1995 Kenner" on the bottom of his foot! It was the Classic TRU 4-pack version! Vintage figures usually have the manufacture date along the leg somewhere (except for small figures like Wickett who has his on his back). However the only vintage figures that have been rereleased recently in large numbers have been the 4-pack: Luke, Vader, Han Solo (small head) and Chewie. The differences are obvious when you compare these new ones to their vintage counterparts side-by-side, but when you see one alone in a store you really should check the manufacturer's date.

    Well, that's all I can relate for now. If anyone out there has some advise for your fellow vintage collectors then please post it here.
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    Well, I have seen many repro sabers. For the most part they are usually blue Jedi Luke sabers. From what I have seen the are a different plastic. They are very flexible. The size is also different, usually thicker thatn the original.
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    Re: How to spot a fake

    Originally posted by bigbarada
    How to spot a fake
    If someone is selling something cheap it could be a repro,if the seller says it is a repro then its a fake, If it looks too good to be true I.E "C10+ Clear bubble unpunched ********" it could be a fake
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    Vintage weapons colours.

    Vintage weapons...

    From my personal collection, I noticed (many years ago) that the original ANH figures had black guns made of a softer plastic. The ESB figure came with weapons that were an odd bluish/black colour. The only one that seemed to escape this bluish/black thing were the one with new weapons sculpts (bounty hunters, Hoth soldiers and those which were new additions to the line). The ones that were re-used (Stormie rifles, DL-44 blasters) came in the bluish/black. This was also repeated for the ROTJ figures. If you want to check if you have an original weapon, use that as a starting point.
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    Another tip:

    Spotting a fake vinyl cape - the repro capes I've come accross are only smooth on one side - the other side was rough textured.
    The vintage ones were smooth on both sides. Also, the repro vinyl is a bit thicker and not as flexible. Finally, they just seem too new. 20-year old vinyl capes are typically soft and well molded to the figures they've been on for a few decades.

    Also, the Leia Bespin vinyl repro's printed design was blurry and not at all crisp like the original Kenner's.
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    With the capes, there is usally a color difference as well. Very slight sometimes but it is there. Forged Jawa's get this alot.
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    Question how can you tell vintage weapons from repro/new weapons? replica or original?(merged)

    On EBAY i bought a vintage Boba Fett with a blue blaster not a black one. Is it a replica weapon or is it possible that there are some different weapon colours produced in original?

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    They came in a dark blue color as well as black. If I remember correctly, my boba fett came with a blue one.
    Hope this helps.

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    According to the Action Figure Archive (book) Boba Fett came with a blue blaster, so you probably have the proper one. beware of repro's though.

    For reference :

    Boba Fett, IG-88, Hammerhead & Walrusman had blue blaster

    Luke (stormtrooper), stormtrooper, Imperial Commander & Death Star Commander had black blaster

    This colour change was also seen in the A-wing/B-wing pilot blaster.

    Hope this helps as well.
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    My blaster...

    Yep... blaster was also blue on mine. I never really liked the blue blasters. They looked like they were made out of that licorice flavoured DOTS candy!
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