Anyone else pick up the latest offering from Jane's? I got it today (special offer: 9.99 at future shop) and am still getting familiar with it. My first impression after 2 listens in the car though is this:

All bands mellow out after a while. Some bands dial it down and their music suits me better (Metallica, Stone Temple - I know, call me a wuss) some dial it down and don't really get better or worse (Red Hot, Nirvana), and some dial it down and lose their edge completely (Soundgarden). I'm almost ready to say that Jane's is in this third group. The animosity between Perry and Dave Navarro I think drove the group around the time of Ritual de lo Habitual (their creative peak in my opinion), and the angst seems to be gone on this album. My opinion can change after numerous listens however, but that's where I'm at today. Anyone else like Jane's or PforPyros? What about Navarro with Red Hot or his solo album (which I don't have) Any comments?