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    Gungans Slaughtered?

    I heard there was a comic out where a lot of gungans get slaughterd by some warrior guy? Is it so? Does anyone know the issue? Does it exists?

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    It was SW Republic, ish 51 or 52 I think. I think it was the first appearance of Durge and Assaj Ventress.
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    imagine you're referring to Republic #51. introduces us to the character of Durge, who manages to kill a colony of gungans on a moon of Naboo.

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    They didn't wipe out all of them, just the ones who colonized the moon (in the Gungan Frontier videogame). Worse than the slaughter was Durge. Man, that guy is a bad 90s Spider-Man villain to the nth degree!
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    I know they didn't wipe them all out? The GUNGANS COMBINED WOULD DESTROY DURGE. I'm tryin to get the comic, because I'm a Gungan lover!


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