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    MC, I also have the Twin Peaks soundtrack! Not "Fire Walk With Me" though, just the show.

    Besides that, in my rare list (not counting local stuff or personal compilations) I have the soundtrack to Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke (their finest movie), The Best of The Bonzo Dog Band, the official Disneyland album, Anthrax's "Attack of the Killer B's" (not terribly rare, but fun), Spike Jones' "Dinner Music", soundtracks to Encino Man, Tomorrow Never Dies, the Simpsons, South Park:BLU, Batman (the '89 Prince filmcan disk), Batman (the TV show), the Adventures of Ford Fairlane, the European CD Single of Garbage's title track to "The World is not Enough", and 2 Madonna CD singles - "Vogue" (it was a gift, but I kept it so I'm half to blame ) and the mini-CD "Like A Prayer".

    The rest of my library is fairly routine Rock, Metal, a little rap, Cheech & Chong albums, SW, and etc.. I have a few interesting, rare tapes, but the only one I think worth mentioning is Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" maxi-single which is actually a little stretched from all the play it got.
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    I had a signed copy of "snakebite love" by MOTORHEAD, but it kinda got "lost"

    I do have signed by DIO a vinyl copy of "rainbow" by ritchie blackmoor's rainbow, also a signed Anvil Album (forget which)... when lips signed it, I asked him to draw a comedy moustache on his picture... he seemed put-off for a sec, but he did it
    But someone else may have the same thing, so I guess "uncommon" would be better than "unique"
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    I don't know if Amorica by the Black Crowes counts as being unusual, but its got some hairs sticking out over the top of a Stars and stripes bikini bottom, and for years I had only seen the versin with just the Stars and Stripes triangle shape with a black background.

    I also have a Def Leppard CD in a round black tin, and I haven't seen it anywhere since. I also have the Imperial March on a Vader helmet shape CD. Because of it's unusual shape, I can only play it on certain CD players, which means it can't be played in my car.

    I also enjoy my Ozzy CD with the metal cover which looks like Ozzy is inside a speaker.
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    Ditto on Black Album, Body Count, Twin Peaks, Green Jello.

    I actually burned some rare vinyl pieces onto CDs by connecting my record player to my computer. One would be by a band called Negativland, it was a 45 rpm single with their spoof version of U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". It was released in the early 90s but was quickly yanked from store shelves when U2 sued the band for using the song without permission. The other that comes to mind right away is a 12 inch single from somebody who resampled Evil Dead 2 soundbytes over a funky drum beat and called it "Dead By Dawn - the Remix". Oh yeah, I also had an 11 minute version of the song "Eighties" by Killing Joke which was a rare find in it's day, that is burned as well.

    Non-Burned, bought CDS that I have that I feel are hard to come by:
    Timothy Leary - Live and Let Live, Leary talking over a jam session led by Steven Stills and Jimi Hendrix
    Renegade Soundwave - Soundclash
    Tones On Tail - Night Music
    Acid Horse
    Cibo Motto - may not be rare but qualifies for having a unique sound
    Dread Zeppelin - see above comment
    EBN - did a remake of Queen's "We Will Rock You" by taking excepts of speeches done by George Bush Sr.
    Mike Flowers Pops - CD single, does a lounge version of "Wonderwall" by Oasis that is just too goofy sounding to ignore.

    That's all I can come up with off the top of my head. Probably more than enough as well.

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    Every single New Kids On The Block album.

    This is my entire PET SHOP BOYS collection.(some of the singles name's are abbreviated.

    Do I Have To? (single)
    You Know Where You Went Wrong (single)
    A New Life (single)
    Liberation(CD 1) b/w Decadence (single)
    Liberation(CD 2) b/w Decadence (single remix)
    Pet Shop Boys Picture Interview Disc
    Behaviour (Special Japanese Edition)(CD 1)
    TMBTPIWYTL(This must be the place I've waited years to leave)(extended mix) b/w Miserablism b/w Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend(CD 2)
    Very Relentless(disk 1)(Very)
    (disk 2)(Relentless)
    Pet Shop Boys Maxi-CD set(disk1)
    (disk 2)
    Disco 2 (Limited Edition)(disc1)
    (disc 2)
    I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (CD 1)b/w West End Girls(remix)
    I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing(CD 2) (single remixes)
    Yesterday When I Was Mad(single remixes)(CD1)b/w If Love Were All (single)
    Yesterday When I Was Mad(single remixes)(CD2)b/w Some Speculation(single)
    HIGHLIGHTS Pet Shop Boys on tour
    It Couldn't Happen Here
    Pet Shop Boys Performance
    A Man Could Get Arrested(single)
    Was That What It Was(single)
    Don Juan(single)
    I Get Excited(You Get Excited Too)(single)
    One Of The Crowd (b/w) Your Funny Uncle(single)
    It Must Be Obvious(single)
    Alternative(disc 1)
    (disc 2)
    Absolutely Dubulous(single)
    Paninaro '95 (Disk 1)(single)
    Paninaro '95 (Disk 2) b/w Boys and Girls(single)
    Bilingual-Special Edition(CD 1)
    Bilingual-Special Edition remixes(CD 2)
    Before(single)(CD 1)b/w The Truck Driver And His Mate/Hit And Miss b/w Before(video)
    Before (single remixes)(CD 2)
    Before (single remixes)(CD 5)
    Se a vida e (That's the way life is)(CD 1)b/w Betrayed/How I Learned To Hate Rock And Roll
    Se a vida e (That's the way life is)(CD 2)
    Se a vida e (That's the way life is)(CD 5 maxi single)b/w To Step Aside(remix)
    Single-Bilingual(single remixes)(CD 1)b/w The Calm Before The Storm
    Single-Bilingual(single remixes)(CD 2)b/w Confidential
    A Red Letter Day(single promo)b/w The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On
    A Red Letter Day(single)(CD 1)b/w Delusions Of Grandeur
    A Red Letter Day(single)(CD 2)(remixes)
    How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously(single remix)
    Somewhere(radio version)(CD 1)
    Somewhere(orchestral version)(CD 2) b/w Disco Potential
    DJ Culture(single) b/w Music For Boys
    About (Disk 1)
    (Disk 2)
    DISCOVERY-Live in Rio
    It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas(single)
    I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore(single)(CD1) b/w Silver Age, Screaming
    I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore(single)(CD 2)
    Nightlife Interview
    Nightlife(special edition)
    New York City Boy(CD 1)b/w The Ghost Of Myself
    New York City Boy(CD 2)b/w Casting A Shadow
    You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk b/w Lies/Sail Away(single)(CD 1)
    YOTMYLMWYD(single remixes)(CD 2)
    YOTMYLMWYD b/w Always On My Mind/Being Boring(LIVE)(CD 3)
    Release(CD 1)
    (CD 2)
    I Get Along(CD 01) b/w Searching For The Face Of Jesus, Between Two Islands
    I Get Along(CD 02)
    I Get Along(CD 03)
    London(disk 1) b/w Positive Role Model
    London(disk 2)(single remixes)
    Montage- The Nightlife Tour
    Disco 3
    Home And Dry(Disc 1)
    Home And Dry(Disc 2)
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    Dang Scruff, I envy you. I'm a huge PSB fan, but some of their stuff you can only get as an import. And some of their "B Sides" are even better than the songs on their regular albums.
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    While I may not own any 'unique' CDs if you mean one-of-a-kind, but I do own a few odd CDs, namely two Enya CDs, In Memory Of Trees and her Greatest Hits CD Paint The Sky With Stars and a few Classical ones including two by Tchaikovsky featuring the 1812 Overture and the Nutcracker Suite as well as Billy Joel's attempt at Classical Fantasies & Delusions
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    Damn, that's a lot more people who have the Green Jello album than I'd have expected. I only have the cassette version, unfortunately.

    I've also got:
    3 different Metallica bootlegs
    Neon Genesis Evangelion III soundtrack (used, for only $7!)
    Aerosmith's Jaded LP single, special die-cut version (vinyl)
    Cantina Band & Jedi Rocks CD singles
    Aerosmith live album - Hard LP (vinyl)
    The Ewok song on LP (vinyl)
    Aerosmith - Eat the Rich, "cowhide" CD case
    Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors, completely mirror image insert, both CD & cassette
    And my pride & joy...
    Aerosmith - Pump, leather slip case edition.

    There are probably a few more that'd fit here, but those are the ones that really stick out in my mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Zoltar
    Dang Scruff, I envy you. I'm a huge PSB fan, but some of their stuff you can only get as an import. And some of their "B Sides" are even better than the songs on their regular albums.
    Yep that is from 9 years of collecting. I had got into their music back when ACTUALLY came out. My step-cousin had introduced them to me. But I didn't get real serious about collecting until 1994, (when I got my first job). There are a few vinyl pieces on there I didn't include because I was mainly focusing on CDs, tapes, and some DVDs and VHS on the spreadsheet program I am using. I think they are the Red Letter Day vinyl single that has red vinyl and another single I can't think of. I know exactly what you mean about their B sides being lost gems that fall by the waistside. I am so dang glad they released ALTERNATIVE back in 1995.
    They release an album once every 3 years, so with their current pattern we may see an ALTERNATIVE 2 about 2008-2010. RELEASE I think was the first album that was a let down. It seemed like every album they would get better and better and then they decided to change up a bit and turning out to be the lesser of the albums. Still a great album. I really like SAMAURAI IN AUTUMN on the main album but the B sides were what the album should have been. Tracks like ALWAYS, POSITIVE ROLE MODEL, and especially TIME ON MY HANDS are spectacular!!!!!!! Some of those tracks (I think) were only on DISCO 3. Some are on the second disk of the 2 disc version of RELEASE.
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    I've also got the Green Jello CD, as well as the original "satanic" cover of Poison's Open Up and Say Ah.
    That's my jacket!


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