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    i dont really have any "unique" cd's but,i do have marilyn mansons "mechanical animals" cd(it was banned in some stores because the album cover marilyn manson as a naked alien)and i ahve the limited editon SOAD Toxicity with a blue cover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scruffziller
    Yep that is from 9 years of collecting. I had got into their music back when ACTUALLY came out...
    I have about 90% of what you listed there and I also have some of their early CD singles from "Actually" and "Behaviour" as well . I didn't pick up the re-issues of their discs. I really should find someone who has the bonus discs on the reissues and have them burned for me. *sigh* I was one of those freaks who DID manage to buy all of their 12" singles and then switched to the CD singles when those were available.

    One of the more unique PSB discs I have is from Japan. It is the "Behaviour" disc housed in a white velvet-like slipcase. It has Pet Shop Boys "Behaviour" printed in gold lettering. It also contained a CD3 of "This must be the place..." (extended), which is different than the wide release of the extended version, as well as "Miserablism" and another track. both of which were eventually released on later CD5s. I also have a Japanese CD MiniAlbum that contains the single versions of the "Introspective" singles along with "Your Funny Uncle". I think it's called "In Depth".

    Another odd piece I have is Madonna's "You Can Dance" disc that was issued with radion edits of the album remixes. I paid $5 for that in 1987. I also have it on vinyl. I saw it going for $300 or so on a couple collector's sites.

    I'm so into the limited edition stuff with the cool packaging as well.
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    I'd have to agree -- Release was an OK CD, but Disco 3 was much, much better. I really like the piano version of London as well as Time On My Hands.

    They should have made the bonus CD with Release the main CD. All in all, they still have the ability to create some really nice dance tracks. But the experimental stuff is still only so-so (remember "The Sound of the Atom Splitting?").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Zoltar
    (remember "The Sound of the Atom Splitting?").
    Yes that has got to be one of the most bizzare tracks ever! I have it also on the HIGHLIGHTS concert video live. Even though that was one of their earliest concerts it is one of the freakiest and disturbing.
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    I got ahold of a CD out of one of the "promo CD" bin at Best Buy called "Gray and Rogers". The guys on the front of the cover are rather dopey looking but their music is oh so smooth R&B. Something to get them ladies going.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    I obtained the Pet Shop Boys' DVD, "POP ART" which is a compilation of all their videos till now, extremely cool. They also put out a 3 disc album of the same title which is all their hits, a few new tracks and some never released(or) never released to CD remixes.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Guns N' Roses - Live like a Suicide
    Black Label Society - Sonic Brew: original cover with Johnny Walker Black, they had to change the cover for legal reasons.
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    I have a huge collection of old Metallica Albums (Tapes, CDs and Records)...including:


    Garage Day's Re-revisited
    1st release Kill 'em All
    2nd release Kill 'em All
    1st release Ride the Lightning
    2nd release Ride the Lightning
    Master of Puppets
    And Justice for All
    The Black Album

    Garage Days Re-revisited
    Kill 'em All
    Ride the Lightning
    Master of Puppets
    And Justice for All
    The Black Album
    Creeping Death/Jump in the Fire
    One (Single the CD single...minidisc)
    One Japanese Release with Breadfan
    Black Album foreign release with Stone Cold Crazy

    Record (Vinyl)
    Garage Days Re-revisited
    Master of Puppets (Radio Album)
    Kill 'em All (Radio Album)
    And Justice for All
    Black Album (Double Album)

    I used to be quite the fan. Back in the day...before they got dia...RIAA of the mouth, and before the Black Album. Now Lars and the gang can go play wherever they like, I won't pay to see 'em. In case anyone is wondering, the "Radio Album" has a stamp on the back in gold writing that says "This album is not to be of...return upon request..." I don't have it sitting in front of me. Basicly it's the albums that bands give to radio stations for free to play, but the property really belongs to the producer/band (i.e. it's Metallicas record, and I have to give it back if they ask me for it..).
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    MC, I also have the Twin Peaks soundtrack! Not "Fire Walk With Me" though, just the show..

    I have that! But your collection isn't complete without the Julie Cruise's FLOATING INTO THE NIGHT.

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    I have a CD of Weezers frontman Rivers Cuomo singing in the shower and mumbling in his sleep; nothing really too good, really bad lyrics and pointless ranting. The band found these recordings and put them to music...wait, i'm talking about the Green bad; guess that doesn't make it "unique" does it?
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