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    Re: Unique CD's in your collection

    Are those soundtracks collections of songs or music from the movies? (or both)
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    Re: Unique CD's in your collection

    Not unique in the sense that it is a one-off in itself, but when I recently saw Kem perform live at London's intimate Jazz Café, I grabbed the man when he walked past my table. After a brief chat outside the artists bar he gave me a promo CD of his new stuff not due for release till Winter 05.

    It was cool because the week before I was invited to Dwele's birthday bash after his gig at the Jazz Café too

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    Re: Unique CD's in your collection

    I've got 2 that are rare (I suppose), even though one is a bootleg and one is a cassette.
    Bloodhound Gang - a "snippet" cassette they gave out at concerts, promoting their latest album "Hooray for Boobies." I got well before the album was released and met a few of the band members (amazingly nice guys) and got it signed.
    Stone Temple Pilots - a bootleg cd of the first time I saw them live in April '97 (still my best concert experience). Actually, I had a cassette of it and sent a copy of it to the Netherlands to another big fan, who sent me a copy on cd when he transferred it.
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    Re: Unique CD's in your collection

    I would like to add to my list. I have this fuzzy/furry cow digi-pack version of Aerosmith's Get a Grip.
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    Re: Unique CD's in your collection

    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    One of the more unique PSB discs I have is from Japan. It is the "Behaviour" disc housed in a white velvet-like slipcase. It has Pet Shop Boys "Behaviour" printed in gold lettering. It also contained a CD3 of "This must be the place..." (extended), which is different than the wide release of the extended version, as well as "Miserablism" and another track. both of which were eventually released on later CD5s.
    Yea that is on my list as well.
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