View Poll Results: Which is the best figure from the 30th Anniversary Collection?

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  • Galactic Marine

    8 12.31%
  • Concept Boba Fett

    18 27.69%
  • Jawa & LIN Droid

    4 6.15%
  • CZ-4

    3 4.62%
  • Hermi Odle

    21 32.31%
  • Concept Snowtrooper

    2 3.08%
  • Ewoks: Romba & Graak

    7 10.77%
  • Pax Bonkik

    1 1.54%
  • Concept Rebel Trooper

    1 1.54%
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    Best Figure of TAC - winners showdown

    The big showdown of the past 9 waves is finally here as the "best figure of 2007" poll series finishes off the month of December by asking...

    Which figure do you consider the best of the best from TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic figures?

    All of December you've voted to get us to this point, choosing which figure was the best out of each wave so that we could pit them against each other and see who would come out as the top figure of 2007. Some of the polls were quite contentious while others were pure landslides, but now it's up to you to crown one of the line's 60 figures as the best.

    Here's a recap of each wave's winners, along with the percentage by which they won that round:Which figure will reign supreme???

    Please keep in mind, you must be logged into the forums to vote.

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    I'm still missing most of the last three waves, and don't have my McFett, McSolo, and McSnowie in hand yet.

    Should I just go ahead and vote for the Jawa anyway? Decisions, decisions.

    I saw (and, stupidly, passed on) Pax Bonkik, and he's nothing special. CZ-4 is awesome, but the Jawa is better. Jawa and Hermi are pretty equal, and Jawas are inherently cooler than all other non-Teek races. The Galactic Marine was featured in a donkey show in Tijuana, it sucks so bad.

    How long will this run for? Maybe I can score the 'Woks in that time.
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    Like the last poll, it'll run 6 days ending the day after new year's (I liked the symmetry of that, it fit well).

    I do know what you mean though, I had a tough time voting in wave 8 because my choice ultimately was a figure I kinda liked vs a figure that I didn't have but could see from photos and word of mouth I was going to like. I eventually went with the figure I didn't have, but it was a thin margin in my mind.
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    wow the end is here....

    Now who to pick?

    Here's my breakdown of each:
    Galactic Marine-excellent figure. Sometimes hard to stand for some people. Only thing I don't like is that the "skirt" gets in the way. Otherwise the dirt on each isn't uniform so they all appear just a shade different which is excellent. If I had a vote for best Army builder, this would be it.
    Concept Boba Fett-Fantastic design. nice that both helmets were put in. Drawback was that weird stomach flap that doesn't stay on if you remove the plastic band. Prolly wins the award for best McQ fig, with the Snowtrooper a close second.
    Jawa & LIN Droid-whoo hoo an SA Jawa and a new droid to boot. Very good choice here. Not sure if he'll be the best, but he's the best denizen of the SW galaxy for 2007, IMO.
    CZ-4-great new droid. he just suffers from not being terribly important. Good background droid, but otherwise ho-hum to me.
    Hermi Odle-Best BIG fig of the year without a doubt. Sculpt is good, soft goods make sense for him. If the color for him was better he'd make the cut.
    Concept Snowtrooper-Best McQ Army builder. I was only going to get 2 of each McQ fig, but I ended up getting 7 of this one. Really cool. The helmet is weird, but I'm fine with it. I'm using one of these figs as a Cold Weather Gear AT-ST driver!
    Ewoks: Romba & Graak-Excellent Ewoks! sculpt is good, articulation is even better than Chirpa. THESE are the Ewoks we were looking for.
    Pax Bonkik-Decent repaint. He too suffers from not being terribly exciting though.
    Concept Rebel Trooper-bleh, I don't have this one yet. I'm not a fan of the helmet, but I suppose without that, he has some custom potential.

    So now to it, which one is my top pick???

    Well of these I really like the Galactic Marine, Concept Boba Fett, Jawa & LIN Droid, Concept Snowtrooper, Ewoks: Romba & Graak.

    I'll have to eliminate the Ewoks. While good they don't stack up to the rest. Neither does the Jawa/LIN droid combo. Though it's great value having two figs on card (thanks Hasbro!).

    But for that Spaceball helmet I'd go for the McSnowtrooper, but he's got to go.

    So is it McFett or the Marine????
    Decisions decisions.

    Based on pure play value the Marine has it. based on coolness McFett has it. Ultimately I have to go with the one that I really wanted more and that's the Marine. While the McQ line was a fantastic subline this year it could have waited and I wouldn't have been upset. The Galactic Marine was one of the last true army builders needed from ROTS. I have at least 2 dozen of them, so my wallet speaks here too.

    So the Marine it is! Semper Fi

    special thanks to JT for taking my idea for these polls and running with it.
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    I chose Hermi Odle, who wasn't a fantastic figure, but I think was the best of this selected bunch.
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    I voted for the Ewoks.

    You get 2 in one package and Herme Odle's paint wasn't as great as I'd hoped.

    I'm surprised that in the end I didn't vote for one of our massive SSG poll winners, but I think Romba got listed on Kidhuman's polling outcome, so that's not entirely inaccurate.

    The Galactic Marine is awesome, but alas he's only one figure.
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    I'm sure I'll be on my own here, but I voted for Pax. Ok, he's only a repaint, but a repaint of my favourite figure ever, and none of my real favourites of the year made the final.
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    I went with Herme...he's a figure I've wanted for a long time and I think they did a great job with him.

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    Galactic Marine - great figure to start the year of with.
    Concept Boba Fett - The 2nd best of the McQ line here.
    Jawa & LIN Droid - I was going to pass on this figure and ended up getting 3 of them.
    CZ-4 - meh on this figure. Greatest of the wave, but not the year
    Hermi Odle - Awesome, great looking figure and HUGE also.
    Concept Snowtrooper - A superb figure hands down. I hunted many of these down and got 7 of them also.
    Ewoks: Romba & Graak - Great value, 2 for one in the package and great to have Ewoks back on the menu
    Pax Bonkik - A nicely done figure for a repaint.
    Concept Rebel Trooper - Least favorite out of the McQ figs.

    My vote goes to Concept Snowtrooper
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    I went with CZ-4. I just felt it was such an interesting figure that I simply HAD to vote for him, even if he dosn't have a snowball's chance in he11 of winning.


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