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    Do you want an Imperial TIE Fighter Playskool set?

    Check out the proposed TIE Fighter Playskool set!

    Many fans at Comic Con and on our message boards have voiced their praise for the Playskool line. I dare say our staff here has made it our mission to see Hasbro's Playskool division help the Empire strike back!

    The Playskool line has great hero ships and vehicles like the N-1, the X-wing, and the Falcon, each with at least one 'baddie' figure packed in. Now we'd like to see a toy Empire for the tots - and those of us who just love these cute little action sets.

    1) You can't lose their pieces or put them so carefully in a diorama that you're afraid you'll never get them set up that cool were you to ever move them again.
    2) You can throw these toys across the room, drop them off the 2nd story, and they stay good as new!
    3) You can shove them all in a box just like you did with your first Kenner figures, only this time you're not panicking that your abusing "fine collectibles."

    Playskool has brought the fun back into Star Wars and the kid back into all of us. They also make great gifts if you buy a 2nd set for your youngsters to start them on their very first Star Wars toys for themselves. So while Hasbro has stated they have no plans to offer more items in this line, we want to demonstrate to them that their is demand!

    It's a 2-step process, so don't forget that is running a letter writing campaign to Star Wars retailers where all you need to do is print out the pre-adressed letters, then sign and send them - and you can adapt them and let stores know what specific Star Wars products you want them to stock (Playskool!).

    So now take step 1 by voting and let Hasbro know if you'd like to see this Playskool set and others like it.

    (special thanks to Grand Admiral Thrawn for the image)
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