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    Is Rystall hot, or is it just me?

    I remember when the SE of ROTJ came out, I had the major hots for Rystall. Even my man Boba was puttin' the moves on her! Watching it on video did nothing to make those hots cool off.

    HOWEVER!! There's a new pic of her in the Insider that may have permanently splashed water on that fire. Is it just me or is the Star Wars makeup the best thing that ever happened to her? Maybe she just took a bad picture - lord knows I'm as photogenic as a rock - but, daaaaamn, what a disappointment!


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    You mean that little pic of Mercedes Ngoh, or her as the actual character? I think she's hot either way, but Star Wars alien girls are usually hotter than the actresses who play them (Aayla Secura, to name one).
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    Yeah, the little pic of Mercedes. And, I agree with Aayla, as well.


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    I think the same could be said for Oola, too.

    I thought the girl who played Aura Sing was pretty good looking, though.

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    "I thought the girl who played Aura Sing was pretty good looking, though."

    Heck yeah buddy! She is nice!
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