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    Wizard World Chicago

    As many comic enthusiasts, sci-fi fans, artists, toy collectors, and Chicagoans know, Wizard World is approaching quickly and running August 8-10.

    Among notable guests are Jim Lee (guest of Honor), as well as Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada, and several others.

    In terms of Star Wars related events at the convention, there is a scheduled breakfast with Warwick Davis on Saturday August 9th from 7:30-9 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare for members of the Official Star Wars Fanclub. The cost is $39.95 per person and each member may buy one additional guest ticket for a non-member guest. Included with the breakfast is a chance to get Mr. Davis' autograph and an exclusive Silver Boba Fett figure.

    There are also going to be a lot of Star Wars actors at the convention. Now may be the time to take advantage of the great $1.99 Star Wars figure clearance sale at KB and get some of the figs like Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, Zam Wessel, Young Boba, etc. autographed by the actors who played them. That way we could get some cool autographed figs and clear up some of the clogged inventory at the stores to make way for new stuff. If only I could find an Aayla Secura figure before the convention to get Amy Allen to sign, that'd be sweet.

    For a complete list of the who's going to be there, check out this link:

    I won't be attending the Warwick Davis breakfast since I'm not a fanclub member, nor is my friend that I'll be going with. And I refuse to join the fanclub, for this breakfast or any other reason, just out of general principal. Plus I'm sure I could get just as delicious a breakfast at Denny's for 1/4 the price and still have enough to buy the Silver Boba Fett fig. I'm looking forward to attending the convention for all 3 days though and I hope to see some of you there.
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    I'll be there and I know I'll be spending way more than I did last year.
    I'm working hard to get on a budget for this show but I've been stoked since last July (last year was my first time) so it's going to be hard to contain myself.

    We're only going for one day, our money won't stretch for more than a day.

    Have fun everyone !
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    I'm excited too, this is my first trip back to Chicago Comic Con since 1995. That's before it was even called Wizard World.
    Caesar, if you wanna make your money go as far as possible, go on the 3rd day. By that time all the merchants are looking to unload as much as of their merchandise as possible so they don't have to drag it back to their regular place of business. If you're someone who doesn't mind haggling you can find some real bargains!
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    I will be there all 3 days, I cant wait to go!!!

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    Hey Piett, I know what you mean - last year we went on Sunday and I cut a few deals on some card sets I wanted . . . this year we are going on Saturday just out of convenience.

    I'd love to go for all 3 days but I'm not into comics so I wouldn't care for all of the presentations. Basically one full day of 8 hours of checking out the dealers, guests w/ overpriced autographs, and anything else of interest, that one day is enough.

    I will say though that I found myself buying a few comics last year just to get them signed. If it looked cool or had a cool story behind it, I didn't mind dropping a few bucks to get a signed book.
    I like "discovering" cool stuff like that.

    Have fun DSSPedro !

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    I'll be there on Saturday also. I'm coming right from shift at the firehouse. If you see a guy in a Chicago Fire Department T-Shirt and blue's me! Say HI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel18725
    I'll be there on Saturday also. I'm coming right from shift at the firehouse. If you see a guy in a Chicago Fire Department T-Shirt and blue's me! Say HI!
    I'll definitely say hey if I see you.
    Always a pleasure to meet an SSG member!
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    I will be there somewhere around the Piazo booth. Please stop by, as I will be either in my Stormtrooper armor or my Tusken robes. Ask for TK523 or "bobafrett" if you are in line for the silver Fett. It will be nice to meet face to face with another SSG member!
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    Hopefully I will be able to go on Friday, because the rest of the weekend I'll be up in wisconsin.

    Oh well. I might see you there. It will be the first convention I have gone to if I do go.

    *Waits patiently to try and get his Silver Boba Fett*
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    BobaFret...I think that I met you this AM while standing in line for my figures? Were you the confused individual wearing an imperial hat with your Tusken Robes?


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