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    Two Con Fett's for trade

    I have two Convention Fetts available for trade. The figures and packages are awesome. I doubt that I REALLY need to go on about them, I'm sure everyone here knows exactly about Fett. ;o)

    As for the stuff I'm looking for, here is just my want list in general. It DOES include SW and non-SW stuff. It looks like a lot, I know, but it's a lot of cheaper stuff (aside from Sacul):

    SW STUFF*on anything vintage, it SHOULD be loose, on anything current, loose or MIB, except for Sacul:
    -Star Wars Galaxies Limited Edition (MUST BE STILL SEALED)
    -12" Jango Fett (the one with all the removable armor)
    -Republic Gunship with as many Clone Troopers (of any kind) as I can get my hands on
    -Dagobah X-Wing
    -Jorg Sacul
    -Vintage Cantina
    -Both E1 Theed Playsets
    -Geonosis Arena Playset
    -Max Rebo band (vintage or current)
    -VINTAGE DEATH STAR PARTS: Trash compactor monster, rope swing, and turbolaser
    -VINTAGE AT-AT PARTS: one chin gun
    -CIMEMA SCENES: Jabba's Dancers, Mynock Hunt, Cantina Aliens

    NON-SW Stuff:
    -LORD OF THE RINGS: Fellowship 9-figure set and Helm's Deep 5-figure set; All rings from FOTR except for The One Ring
    -TRON: Any Medicom light cycles (that come with figures)
    -TRANSFORMERS: Thundercracker (body, both sets of tail fins, fists, and missile launchers MUST BE VINTAGE), Skywarp (TRU exclusive ONLY)
    -.hack//sign DVD sets 2 and 3 (both the limited Ed's that come with the soundtrack); .hack part 2: Mutation PS2 game
    -D&D Forgotten Realms boxed figure set that has Wulfgar and Drizzt Do'Urden
    -Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne for the PC

    I also have a good amount of GI Joe figures available for trade (for those of you who collect more than one line). If you're interested in any, let me know and I'll send you a list of what I have

    If you're interested and have (or can get) any of these drop me a line:

    People who whine about scalpers need to GET A LIFE.

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    I have a Jorg that I might trade.

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    I also have a loose Jango 12 inch and the vintage Max rebo band.

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    Just drop me an email, dude:

    People who whine about scalpers need to GET A LIFE.


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