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    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

    Has anyone else caught this show yet?

    I'm addicted to it. Bravo network, Tuesday at 10pm. It's only on in the US so far, but they are thinking about syndicating to other countries.

    The basic plot of the show....

    5 Gee Ah Why men, each with an area of expertise, take a straight guy with image problems, and bad home decor, and remake him and his home in a day.

    They're real catty with the guys and they're girlfriends/wives, slamming everything from the choice of furniture, to what they have in the fridge.

    I HATE reality shows, but this show's spin and fun has me hooked.
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    Yup, it sure is hillarious!

    I hear they are going to put on NBC!?
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    Yeah, I love it! But this is not a reality show, at least no more so than Trading Spaces or that other show where they come into your home and redecorate.

    I like watching this on Bravo, but I hate getting bashed over the head with the ads for their new reality show (gee ay why or straight).

    I am addicted to this show, it knocks the socks off of trading spaces, though Page is certainly nicer to watch, meow!

    BTW, I've already gotten some great tips from the Fab 5!
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    NBC, Bravo's parent company is going to be trimming down the episodes to half hour and rebroadcasting them following will & grace this summer. shortly Bravo will start it version of the bachelor. featuring someone of the alternate life-style picking from suitors. only not all are as they seem, some are straight and were paid to portray that lifestyle to add a 'joe millionaire' touch.

    personally i could care less about all 'make-over shows.' and don't even get me started on reality tv. since that seems to be all thats on the air, would explain why my tv rarely gets utilized.

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    I watched the first episode and found it to be very entertaining. The thin blond guy was trying a little too hard to stick his hands down the guys pants though. I was kind of hoping that the guy would slug him just to get him to stop.
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    Watched it last night ... very entertaining. Wasn't so sure at first merely because the premise is so "obvious" and cliché reliant, but it was done well. I really liked the opening animation ... funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax
    personally i could care less about all 'make-over shows.' and don't even get me started on reality tv. since that seems to be all thats on the air, would explain why my tv rarely gets utilized.
    Here! Here! Dear Jax

    Thank the maker for 24 hour Nicktoons TV, otherwise my tv wouldn't be on...EVER!
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    Yep,Great show...watched about every episode...

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    Yeah, I've seen two episodes of the show on BRAVO and I like what I see. Gays have always had a keen sense of fashion and taste and to see them interact with straights and give them advice is interesting to watch. I feel bad for the designer/decorator though. He always seems to do the most work, having to clean up a dirty, messy apartment, then paint it, and finally completely redecorate it. The other four don't seem to do anything as near as grueling.

    I think I could use a makeover by the Fab Five for I am always a step or two behind the latest trends.
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    My mom was laughing hysterically when i came home from work and when i went to investigate, she had that show on. I watched some of it and laughed my butt off. That thin blonde guy w/ glasses is downright hysterical. I'll try to catch this show when i'm not working.
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