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    Playstation's SP

    or PSP thats the new portal game said to be comming out in 2004 I found a pic on this website, someone said it was photo shoped but from what I read I don't belive that,any way it's said that it will take littel Cds that will fit in to the cartrege sounds cool and for thoese who love the Game Boy SP you'll die for Playstation's PSP
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    Does anybody think it will be better than Nintendos Gameboy? I personally dont think so. Gameboys got so many games to choose from I find it hard to believe this will offer up a serious challenge.
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    The one thing that will kill sony is there prices the sp is what $99
    while this I heard will be $150.
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    Yeah that's cool but did you see what nokia is making...
    It's called the N-Gage and it has a gaming system, mp3 player, cell phone, and a lot more stuff.
    Here's the link to the site......

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    Hey! Where did that photo come from?

    I'd put up a thread a while ago ...
    ... but they had no real photos of the system out at that time.
    I've no doubt this thing is going to be pretty awesome. It'll play games using a 1.8 gig (pretty big) optical disk ... so just about every PS1 game can now be reworked for this system. It has a memory stick slot so you'll be able to download and play MP3s via the USB 2.0 port or a wireless connection. Who knows what kind of other things they'll come out with. Movies ... it'll play video supposedly. Softwear ... I can imagine them coming out with PDA applications that you can plug into it.

    I dunno, with an iPod costing $300, I think $150 is pretty good for this.

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    1) Those pictures are fake. How do I know? Read the specs for the actual system. Its not going to have a D-Pad (up/down/left/right buttons). Instead it will have a rumble joypad like you see on the current PS2 controllers, but only one of the joypads.

    2) Ngage = $300 and has a very small selection of games. Not to mention very little 3rd party game support. I see Ngage as a failure already.

    3) PSP is stated to be just under the power abilities of what they stated for the PS2 back before it was released. What does this mean? It means it will be less than what is stated, but still be right under the PS2 in terms of power. So expect something that isn't quite as good as PS2, but better than a PS1.

    4) Gameboy Advance has a niche market thats for sure. However, the system's power is dated and badly needs an upgrade. Why didn't they do this before? Because they chose backwards compatibility over a new system. Plus kids are the bigger target for the GBA, and they don't really care about graphics all that much. Personally, I see the PSP taking out the GBA just like the PS1/2 took out the N64/GameCube. Unless Nintendo starts working harder on their next-gen GameBoy (already been talked about before...supposedly its being developed side by side with the next Nintendo console and will be able to share the CD/DVDs).

    5) PSP has features like MP3 and MP4 playback ( playback....beat that Ngage/GBA/etc), USB 2.0 connection, sony memory stick support, 1.8gb 3" discs (basically mini-DVD discs), wireless 802.11 networking (good bye limited bluetooth, hello REAL LAN abilties), and tons more features that will blow away the current stuff.

    All in all, I see the PSP being the next best thing for portable gaming. Even better would be if they made it interface with the PS3 or even PS2.

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    I thought I read somewhere that Sony was going to match the Gameboys with a 99$ price point
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    Quote Originally Posted by CooLJoE
    Personally, I see the PSP taking out the GBA just like the PS1/2 took out the N64/GameCube.
    Agreed that the PSP is going to be (if everything turns out like Sony's promised) pretty amazing. Certainly a big leap forward for handheld systems, but I think it's pretty unfair to be comparing it to the GBA. From what I understand Sony's looking to create something that's quite a bit more than just a game system ... where Nintendo has worked at building pretty much the most solid version of just that. Likewise, I'm not sure you can say that Sony has "taken out" Nintendo. Between the PS2 and the Game Cube I find myself pretty much split when it comes to play time. They both offer some great things ... I'm just happy we have them in competition because that's what's pushing this whole thing forward. When the PSP comes out, I'll no doubt lust after it but still love my GBA just the same.

    Now ... where's Microsoft's handheld? I've been expecting to see photos of some football sized lime green Pentium powered monster for a while. (joke. Well, sort of.)

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    Actually, I think its quite fair. Sony will aim for something different, but much like the PS2 will just end up a gaming machine.

    Also, no offense, but your personal choices on game systems doesn't say how the market is for consoles. Trust me, PS2 has TOTALLY won the console wars this round. Any respectable game site will tell you the same. Sure people may like the Gamecube just as much or even more so, but that doesn't mean the entire world feels the same way.

    I doubt Microsoft will make a portable system. They've look at the idea and people have rumored about it, but I just don't see it happening. Maybe in like 5+ years. But right now Xbox is losing money and they need to get Xbox 2 built and ready for the next round of console wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CooLJoE
    Trust me, PS2 has TOTALLY won the console wars this round.
    Yeah, if you look at it like a contest then without a doubt you're right, PS2 has always (no surprise) been the winner. It was my first choice and obviously most everyone else's first choice as a console. But, I don't look at it like a contest. I own both systems and enjoy them for different reasons. I think Nintendo has a great system that does exactly what it intended to do, bring their catalog of established characters and game plots forward. As well, it gave them a chance to develop some great new ideas that will no doubt have a healthy future. At the same time, Sony has established itself by simply having the best selection (in most cases) at the best price. The PS2 like the PS1 is a good solid machine that you can love because it offers so much. I can't think of how many people I know that justified buying a PS2 simply because it could play DVDs as well as all of the old PS1 games. Great timing and a great box ... what Sony really seems best at, is knowing when to take a chance and push the technology forward. I hope the PSP is what they intend it to be, without a doubt they're capable of turning out something that's going to be a huge advance. But you know, like I said ... in the mean time, there's always Donkey Kong on the Game Boy.


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