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    MORE Matrix Figures on the way!

    Seems that McFarlane will be releasing MORE action figures from The Matrix movies. The next set is supposed to be out by November, just in time for "The Matrix Revolutions." Standard figures as well as a Deluxe set or two are coming.

    I hope this means that we're gonna finally get Agent Smith!

    Anyone else?
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    Yeah, these were announced back when they released info on the McFArlanes new lines for this year. I just want pictures, NOW GULDARNIT!!! now!!!

    I hope we get a smith, man, that would rule.
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    Jon Goff (moderator of the spawn boards) said that there will be AT LEAST 2 deluxe boxed sets, and that there is a possible third series planned I'm hoping for an Agent Smith, aticulated (Matrix 1 outfit) Neo and for deluxe boxed set a Sentinel with clear base/stand
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    I'm not sure who'll they will make, but you can probally bet that McF will do thier best not to make anything that is similar to those figs from the first movie made by WB toys. Todd McF doesn't like doing anything that's been done befor. He's very original, wich it great. Still, it's going to be horrible if we don't get a Trinidy in her signature pryaing mantis kick.
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    I thought those first figures were made by N2 Toys, who was formed from the ashes of another crappy company: Exclusive Premiere Toys.
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    There was this little Mcfarlane rep guy at SDCC that was quite friendly and when I tried to 'push' on the wave 2 and tried to get him to just acknowledge that Smith was part of it, he actually told me that he didn't that, I kinda poked fun at him because we know what a response like that usually means....

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    I guess it's just me, but I always assumed there would be an agent Smith fig. I mean, why wouldn't there be. He's a very major character. A heck of a lot more importan than either one of the Twin. No surprises here when they hit in October (don't quote me on that, I'm just guessing since the movie comes out in November).

    We'll probally get a Niobie doing her jump off the wall kick too. Perhaps a real world Neo too (you know how they like to pump out the main characters).

    I think this line has legs enough to be succesful even without a movie. There are plenty of characters to be made and plenty of cool sceens. If they do a better job with the case assortments. I've been to one TRU that had 19 Neos. No other figures, just 19 Neos. I'm sick of seeing Neo, and I don't even have one yet. I'm planning on getting him for about $1.98 at a Gamestop after Xmas.
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    the line is coming out in November, that's been officially announced
    and as far as the linE-up for Matrix series 2, Jon Goff has said that we (the fans) will definitely not be dissappointed with the line and that it is better than the first, and since Agent Smith has been the most requested figure on the spawn boards, he has to be in the line
    just think of the consequences if he is not, Mcfarlane would NEVER do that to himself or the fans
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    McFarlane Sentinel figure!

    Sweet! Over at, there's a teaser of the lineup for Matrix series 2. It doesn't reveal the lineup, but that pic looks like a Setinel to me!! Sign me up for one of those!

    They also have some new pics of other upcoming lines. Photo 1 looks like it's straight out of a Frazetta painting to me, pretty cool!

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    Yes it looks like we're getting 6 action figures and 2 deluxe sets with the next Matrix line. Sounds great! I hope we get all new characters rather than new versions of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.
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