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    JediTricks, I share your opinion on Clive Revill. While the whole "old lady with chimp eyes" thing is kinda different, I really like the Emperor's voice, especially when he says, ". . . great asset."

    I just don't get the Greedo thing!
    As a kid, I thought it was so cool and slick how Han pulled out his blaster in a delicate situation. Frankly, at that young age I got the whole notion of self defense and I never saw his move as anything more than that.

    Still, even if Greedo must shoot first, Eternal Padawan is right about the shot needing to look better.

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    In the book for Jedi when the rebels arrive ai the Death Star and Lando tells all the fighters to pull up because the shield is still up not all of the ships pull up in time. I would and some ships running into the Death Star's shields.

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    >>"Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival." What's wrong with this line? Yes, James Earl Jones sounds different 16 years later, but the guy did just kill his own kid (or so he thought) after a very taxing battle, so why not have the guy say this? I don't see the problem with this line or with Jerjerrod being on the SSD when Vader lands, I just don't see how this one hurts the film. <<

    In the original version, Vader sounds absolutely ****ed. He has always been a man of few words and manages to get his point across very quickly in most instances. For example: "Apology excepted Captain Needa" and "Don't fail me again, Admiral" and his entire conversation with the Death Star commander at the beginning of ROTJ.

    The new "enhanced" monologue in question is a block too long, unnecessary, and dilutes Vader's anger at the situation. It has nothing to do with the sound of JEJ's voice. In the same way, the entire travel-to-the-Star-Destroyer footage was clearly a gratuitous use of excess ROTJ footage. Silly, unnecessary, and is a detriment as it elongates a sequence which needs to keep a quick pace going to build suspense.

    GL would never change the Emperor in ESB for continuity reasons as he obviously doesn't give a damn about continuity (see The Phantom Menace)

    I think that the new ROTJ music at the end is more grandiose and befitting the end of the series than simply having Ewoks singing the local folk song. The Jabba sequence "rock" music also gives a better sense of "palace entertainment" that a guy like Jabba would, um, commission. I constantly hear people berate the new music but have yet to hear what is so wrong with it.

    The Biggs sequence's biggest problem is the stiff acting. It seems very forced, much like the Jabba meets Han scene in docking bay 94. I'd buy the Biggs stuff more if he reinstated the Tatooine sequences also. Otherwise, I think that people got the point very well that Luke lost a friend in the original cut without having it shoved down their throats as in the SE.

    - I don't know. I'm making this up as I go.

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    the master jedi
    The only thing I would change about the Special Edition is Greedo firing first.

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    I'd like to see more of the rebel troops looking like they are going into battle in ROTJ. In ANH and ESB the panic and the business of those scenes of troopers running around and preperations for battle were what gave the battle all the more poignancy. In ROTJ they simply come out of a meeting, walk casually past the 2D backdrop and then we never even see some of them again like the three Dresselians. Now where did they get to in the battle on Endor? More bustle and preperation is needed to relay the fear and the desperation of that battle. I mean come on f'chris'sake! the Emperor himself is on the death star, they have one chance to defeat the Empire and they just seem to breeze into battle like it was a training exercise.

    I'd like to see them redo the dungeon scenes with Chewie and the Gamorreans. Seeing Chewie give in like a big wet *****cat was painful. He's a warrior and he just walks to the cell. Redo the Gamorreans with better more articulated masks so they can snear and emote and have some kind of tussle in the dungeon with Chewie trying to at least resist.

    I'd lose a lot of the establishing flight into Bespin as it takes too long. One of Lucas' strengths with the original version of ANH was his reluctance to dwell on the backdrops like so many other directors did. He wanted to concentrate on purifying the action and let that be the focus of the audience. 2001 spent hours on the scenery and had no plot or story it looks good but nothng else. Star Wars worked for the fact that it had great looking scenery but was only really seen fleetingly.

    It was the wondering about the background that kept us all engrossed so long when we were younger. With the new CGI additions he has ruined his own vision by dwelling on the scenery needlessly. He could have still had new establishing shots to show how beautiful Cloud city was but kept it to a minimum and let the film flow a little better.

    You don't need to see the ships land at every stop or planet. It's enough to start with the characters disembarking after seeing the ship approach the planet. The audience is never so thick as to need every little detail spelled out for them.

    And definately get Ian to redo the ESB Emperor scene. I hate to say it but the old woman and Clive Revill made the Emperor sound way too butch for Ian's campy rendition of the Emperor to follow with any kind of continuity.

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    Oh yeah! I always wondered about the Endor fight sequence. The Emperor says that an entire legion of his best troops were down there. I don't know about you, but I didn't count or even perceive a legion of anything except trees. It might have even been cool to see the Red Guards in action down there, as they are apparently the elite fighting force of the galaxy.

    And just remembered the Garbage Compactor scene in SW. How come Chewy didn't get wet? Well, the answer is obvious, but that could be changed somehow.

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    Thumbs up Just one thing,

    The only thing that I don't like and would change would be the Greedo shooting scene.
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    EP, the B-wing scene was cut before ROTJ hit theaters, but the pic on the POTJ B-wing is from that filmed-but-unused scene, according to the SW Chronicles book.

    "Replace Mos Eisley matte painting with more active CGI shot of ships taking off and landing." - I thought they did this, it's just not very effective on video.

    "Better Alderaan Explosion" - yes! More like a planet exploding from the inside out, maybe like the Titan AE earth destruction scene we all saw in the trailers.

    I wouldn't change how Obi-Wan disappears, it's very mysterious that way. I would however change how Vader's lightsaber passes right through Obi-Wan's in that scene.

    Caesar, I too saw Han shooting first as mere self-defense, taking care of "business" with Greedo so he could get out with his skin intact.

    lynnferd, I remember as a kid seeing an A-wing smash into the shields during the pull-up, but everybody tells me that I'm imagining things, that this scene never happened, or that I saw it in a documentary. I've never seen it in a documentary, but that's the only alternative I'd buy, I think I DID see this scene on my first viewing of ROTJ at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood on opening day. It'd be awesome to have that back in the film!

    Stillakid, I don't think he sounds perterbed or upset, I think he sounds bored. "Bring me my shuttle" doesn't really sound any more angry than "Alert my Star Destroyer...", though the latter sounds more dejected to me. In any event, Vader being on the SSD should have had a scene shown, it seemed like he was up there awfully fast with the only point of reference being "hey valet, go get my shuttle, and if it's got a scratch...". I guess it all chalks up to personal taste on this one, but you're right about Lucas not caring about the continuity with Ep 1... at least not REALLY caring. It's like he just took one point and wrote it so it'd fit if you didn't mind the deus ex machina effect it caused.

    As for the Biggs' scene, stiff acting can only be blamed on the same people who did the rest of the film. This stuff may seem forced to you because you had 20 years to digest what was there before, I'm not saying that IS how you feel, just that it may be possible. I didn't think the Jabba scene felt forced, I just thought it felt redundant.

    The original cut of ANH has Luke mentioning Biggs with "Blast it Biggs, where are you?!?", other than that, the interaction between them seems really vanilla, just 2 pilots and one dies, it could have been anybody, Luke gave more reaction for Red leader.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    With a couple of exceptions, my SE would look like Lucas's. First, as everyone seems to agree, the Greedo thing has to go. Second, again a common assessment, Jabba has to be fixed. I'd have been happy with Jabba's appearance if not for the way he looks in TPM. And I shudder whenever Han's hand passes right through him. The tail thing, though, definitely stays.

    I'd change the dianoga--that should've been the first change ILM made. It was okay in 1977, but with the other changes, it looks hokey. Ketwol would stay, but he'd replace Lak Sivrak only in the scene that currently features the beret-clad lizard whose name I never can remember. That guy looks out of place, and I want Sivrak to be the one talking to Dice Ibegon.

    I'd also reinstate all the Tatooine cut scenes. They were originally left out for storytelling reasons, but that seems to be Lucas's lowest priority at this point, so back they go!

    My final ANH change would be the Death Star Explosion. The shockwave and improved detonation would stay, but I'd go back to the original "lone ship flying out" scene. That shot was classic, and it shouldn't have been tampered with.

    And JT, I like "close the blast doors."

    I'd change very little from the original release of ESB. Luke's scream is the first to go, since it runs counter to the development of the character at the climax of the entire trilogy. Vader's new line and shuttle scene also go, because they're just unimportant.

    One change I don't recall seeing mentioned here that was unfortunate is the line, "You're lucky you don't taste very good." That line stays.

    The new look of Bespin I like, but I'm ambivalent about the Wampa. It goes, just because we don't need everything spelled out.

    A scene that remains on the cutting room floor that needs to be restored is the one in which C-3PO tricks some Snowtroopers into being mauled by Wampas. And whatever scene includes the still of Luke wielding a huge cannon--that has to come back as well. And during the Hoth battle, I'd like to see an unloading AT-AT.

    This one needs the most work. Jabba's Palace was fine the way it was (if we fix the rancor's matte line), but I don't have a problem with an enlarged band. It has to look much better than what we got, though, and singing Lapti Nek or something else that actually sounds alien. Also, if anything is added to the Palace, it needs to be Shannon Baksa as Mara Jade, if only for a couple of frames. A scene of loading the Sail Barge would be a nice addition, too.

    The Sail Barge scenes were okay, but a little more chaos at the end could help. Maybe see a couple of swoops flying away at the end to drive home the fact that Jabba's minions were gangsters and not all would be willing to die for him. I think the sandstorm can stay on the cutting room floor.

    Far more action needs to be seen in the Endor Battle. They redid the ANH space battle, so this one needs some tweaking as well. The B-Wing raid on the Destroyer and the ships hitting the shield should come back from limbo.

    On the ground, more action as well. Where are those Dresselians? What about some debris from the space battle (not necessarily Death Star pieces, but I know at least Lak Sivrak crashed in the vicinity of the bunker).

    The only inside-the-Death-Star change would be Vader's choking of the Emperor's Guards being added.

    I'm not sure about the ending--I go back and forth on it, so I won't pass judgment at this time. However, one thing needs to be added to ROTJ to make it complete: TEEK!
    That's my jacket!

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    B-wings in battle - Please
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